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EVERYTHING is possible through Christ who strengthens me...!! published by
So it's said many times through out the bible - Everything is possible
So it's said many times through out the bible - Everything is possible THROUGH CHRIST who strengthens me.


It's amazing huh. So why is it that as humans saved by the grace of Christ - given a new life by the SAME Christ who strengthens us; we doubt so much?!

God speaks to each and everyone of us. He does. He lives within us! When we accepted Him into our lives He BECAME us.

That's such a truth.

God's given me a vision, He's given me a passion.

My heart is BURNING because I am so full of God and what He wants me to do that it HURTS when I'm not doing it.

He's told me to reach young women, to reach broken, hurting teenage girls - to show them there is a hope, there is a future...there's a better way!

I LOVE it when I have the opportunity to sit with any woman - young or old and say "Hunni, i know it hurts, but you've got a Daddy, and He can carry it - He wants to carry it and the only thing that's stopping Him from carrying it is you. He died for you so that you don't have to feel like this, just walk in it hun"

Over the past eight weeks I've sat individually with women in their 40s, girls of 11 and lil ladies of 16 and said words of that effect to them.

God WANTS to speak through me to these ladies. He's TOLD me that He does, and He's SHOWN me that He does.

My hearts desire is to see a sea of women, young and old, standing up to serve their saviour, saying "DADDY I'M HERE!"

I want to serve my Saviour! I wanna encourage others to do the same.

I wanna sit inbetween thousands and thousands of women who are all crying tears of JOY rather than tears of sorrow - because they KNOW there is a better way.

There IS a better way!

But who am i?

I'm young - that ALWAYS stands against you.
I sinned - people wont forget my past
I don't know where to start - So how can i ever begin?

That's who I am. But wait - JESUS CHRIST LIVES WITHIN ME! So what does He say, what does His word say?

I'm young - Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.
I sinned - That's why I died
I don't know where to start - Start with Me, i'm the Way, i'm the Truth and I'm the Light!

So lets do it. I'm so serious.

God's given me my hearts desires for a reason. What reason? Cause they are His hearts desires too!

I wanna see a generation of praising women. Are you in? Thats a real question...are you in? It sounds crazy, but hey so was the idea of 3000 people being fed with 5 loafs an 2 fishes...

...Funny how the impossible is possible with this Jesus guy huh? Oh wait - I'm sure that's how i started this whole thing!

I LOVE the STRENGTH and the MIGHT of my SAVIOUR. How AWESOME it is that HE is IN me.

It's Christ IN me the hope of glory...Not Christ AND me!

All the glory to God. AMEN

Published: Apr 17 2008 07:02:12am

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Samantha Shemer (@youaregolden)

Awesome blog girl! All I can say is "Lets go!" My heart aches for women too, mostly teen girls. I want to be an encouragment to them too! But like your reasons, I have sinned, I am young, and I have no idea where to start! This blog has blessed me so much! :) God Bless! YSIC, -Golden

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