A middle Eastern Christmas.

The cards are written and posted and the presents are starting to multiply under the living room tree.  

I have to admit that the presents do look well, every one of them wrapped in gold paper and every one positioned around the back of the tree to save me tripping over them .  But I have a problem, I forgot to label the gifts.  Oh yes I did!  So it may be a bit of a pot luck on christmas morning as to who will get the appropriate present.  This gold paper I used is the same paper I had ;last year and because it was a three for two offer I went overboard and bought far too much of the stuff.  Hence this year I was crawling through the attic looking for the wrapping paper that I just KNEW I had put somewhere.  Of course that somewhere was under the books I had stored in the roof space and the bag of old clothes that were also dumped on top . 

Ach but sure a wee bit of a crumple on the paper only adds to the "lovingly wrapped by a mother" theme.   They are lucky they get the preents wrapped at all for too often I am jamming my arm down the back of the kitchen cupboards to see if there is any paper to wrap anything.  Am I the only person who has ever stood staring at birthday paper at christmas and thinks to oneself "hmmm would they notice"  

Of course they notice!   

We do tend to notice the little things don't we.  What about the big things though, do we notice them?  Have we even looked at the country where the Saviour was born.  Have we looked at the middle east this week.  This week when we sing Silent Night and O Little Town Of Bethlehem have we given any thought to the part of the world that rejoiced when the king of kings entered this world.  

The Angels sang of peace on earth and good will toward men, yet men are showing no signs of goodwill toward one another.  Peace in the Middle East is only a word to be found in a dictionary.  Aleppo has fallen and thousands of civilians, doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers,cleaners, builders, all good people are trapped in a nightmare.  

This christmas season Open Doors is urging every christian to pray for Aleppo and the humanitarian crisis that is getting worse by the day.   Over two thousand years ago the middle east was on the move as everyone went to their own town to be counted.  Today thousands are on the move again but this time away from their home town in the hope they can save their lives. Syria is on its knees, at this christmas I beg that we do the same.  

I hope this video works.  The song is by casting crowns and the images are taken from Open Doors.  My son put both together for me.  



K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

The video worked! Actually I've been watching it for the past couple of days ever since you told me about it and I just finished watching it again.

This is of a magnitude which most of us cannot even imagine! We cannot/must not stick our heads in the sand! We must pray!

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

That was good - very good

Beth M @blest ·

Syria is on its knees....and that is where we should be also.


I'll have to try to watch it on my PC, cuz on my tablet I can't get more than 1 or 2 seconds at a time

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

Solid blog you got here! I am standing with Syria.

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

Thanks for the message.

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