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relationships come in all shapes and sizes. today I added two more relationships to my heavenly family. It is a little miracle how a kind word or a joke passed between people who have never met before can touch a person. A smile sent from the other side of the world via the internet can brighten a rather dull and dreary day. Or the thoughts of a much younger child in Christ can make you smile with gratitude for the young. so if a smile, kind word or friendly banter across a discussion board can lift your spirits, one wonders what a prayer could do. if a smile sent to you can make you happy, surely a prayed should lift our feet off the floor. Relationships can be good for the soul that is true, and a good relationship should be cherished and nutured. And if the love of Christ knits that relationship then as we say here "it is a match made in heaven". And God always brings someone into our lives for a purpose. So we need to thank him for the opportunity to cultivate new relationships by whatever means possible. So for young or older, male or female, tuneful or tone deaf, what binds us all together is Christ. So we have a relationship with every child of God even if we have never met. For to deny ones brother would be a sin, and we are all siblings in Christ. Sometimes we argue, sometimes we have fun, sometimes we even stamp our feet in temper but we can't get away from the fact that we are in a relationship with each other. So don't forget to pray for your family. Happy relationship.

Kathy Putman @perugrirma777ngo ·

I am so amazed it blows my mind!!!!



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