Encouraged in the midst of confusion

Last night I was reading a story of a man who encouraged himself in the Lord.
This man was in hiding in a strange land from his enemy. He had been given refuge and a piece of land on which to live with his family and the families of his soldiers.

Arriving home one day with his warriors, he discovered his town burned to the ground. As he and his men searched through the hazy smoke and ash, they found no trace of their wives, children, livestock or possessions.

Everything had been taken, everything was gone. As the man looked around the wide open expanse of the region, he was painfully aware of the grief of his warriors. Crumpled on the ground, they wept for their families; stolen, frightened, alone!
But grief quickly turned to anger, and their anger was directed at their leader and protector. They wanted someone to pay for this mess, and the target of their fury was not the aggressor, not the thief, but David.

David had few choices, although hated at this moment, his men needed him. He needed his men. His family and their families needed David. But more than that, David recognised in the midst of turmoil he needed his God.

This is the point of the story that I needed to hear.
[bible]1 samuel 30:6[/bible]
For David greatly encouraged himself in the Lord his God.
When the chips are down, when there is nowhere to run, I need to be more like David.
I need to encourage myself in the Lord more, and then I need to enquire of him what he wants me to do.

In verse 8 of that same chapter David asks of the lord what should he do?

You know as I write this, I am shaking my head at myself. In fact I shake my head at myself so often I have a permanent headache.
Why, why, why do I not take encouragement for my God and then ask of him.
But I digress from my thoughts again:
Not only did our hero ask of the Lord, he acted on the answer given.

God has told me here that when he gives me an answer I need to act on it.
And I have an answer to a particular question, but fear of the unknown is a terrible thing my friends.
So at this point I have hinted at my intentions to leave one post so as to give quality time to another within my church. My hint has not gone down very well. To be honest it is going down faster than the titanic.
But I will blog on that at another time.
At the moment I need to take encouragement from My God.
Don't want to have to make God speak twice now do I!