Excuse me but could you lift this mattress off me please?


One of those true story times again my friends, and in the usual Beth style, my true stories usually contain embarrassment, pain or some other painful way of totally humiliating myself.

Yesterday the sun shone in Ireland the temperature was raised and Beth decided to change the bed linen, throw the windows wide and let spring into the house.
At this point I wonder do I need to remind you that though it is spring weather today, it may be winter tomorrow.

Let me get back to my story. The windows were open, the bed linen was fresh and clean and... well, it was lovely. But before I put the linen back on the bed I looked at the mattress and thought... hhmmm I could turn you today.

You see, here is where my life takes another tumble into the pit of embarrassment.
Our mattress is a king sized mattress. In other words it is very very big. My son plus his nebuliser has to fit in at times so we went for the BIG one.

But I am not big you see. I am only five foot. smaller than Anna, but taller than Mona!! 😉 And hubby always turns the mattress for me because he is a little taller than I am. Plus he says that I will hurt myself trying to lift such a heavy thing. HA I laugh in the face of challenge. Well, I did laugh in the face of a challenge until yesterday.

So, Beth grabs the side of the mattress and starts to haul if off the edge of the bed. Let me give you a little advice here, a king sized mattress is very heavy! And as you try to tip it on its edge to turn it... it gets very tall. Combine the weight of the mattress, plus the height it was reaching, add to the mix Minnie me, and I'm sure you can imagine what happened next without me having to spell it out. :eek:

All I knew was the mattress was suddenly tipping the wrong way, and instead of the bedsprings being under it... I was!! So I lay there, calling for hubby to please come and lift this weight off me so I could at least have a semblance of dignity.
Of course after all the laughing and tittering, he reminded me that the mattress was too heavy a burden for me, and he was more than willing to take on that particular weight anytime I cared to ask.

Hmmmm wonder what that reminded me off????
There is a beautiful worship song and it says....
I cast all my cares upon him
I lay all of my burdens down at his feet...
You see, my Jesus wants to take my burdens, for they only entrap me if I try to bear the load alone. He wants to do the heavy stuff, carry the unbearable weights and pains... But you know something, we got to ask him, otherwise we end up under the mattress wondering how on earth we got there. :doh:

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·
Ahhh, miss bethy, what things we get into when we try to do the heavy lifting of the wrong thing or at the wrong time. Thank God, we DO have someone who can do that lifting for us. Jesus has broad shoulders, indeed.

He'll that that load for us, but as you say, we gotta ask.

'course, having hubby around can help. too. Just has we have the communal support of the Body of Christ to help us when needed.

Blessing minnie Beth,


Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·


Having a mother who was only 4'10" I witnessed her doing the same kind of things. She always wanted to do things her self.

You made my morning bright and made me laugh at the picture of a little woman under a big mattress.

Good blog daughter!!


☕ drinking tea
Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

:) ing as alight and alive post simultanious responses.

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

I think it's a short people thing. Needing to prove "I can do it." Don't get me wrong, we all have a "I'll do it myself" attitude, but I think short people are on an especial mission to prove themselves. If only you knew how much I wish I was short! Tall girls (I'm 5'8") don't get dates, and are in no way ever possibly could be considered delicate. Thank God I was granted a tall husband!

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

I tries very hard not to laugh at the thought of you on the floor with a king size mattress holding you down -but it just didn't work -hahahahahahahahaha - :sorry: Bethy

:doh: You are Mini Bethy not Mighty Bethy! Some things we simply must confess we can not do on our own. That is why God gave us Jesus, Family and Friends. He knew we were gonna need lots of help.

Love Ya
Mom poo

Rhonda Jones @blackrose65 ·

hehehehehehehehehe! Bethy! that was too cute! My mom's 5'2" and full of that same kind of *****! But she's not above asking her 5'7" daughter (yours truly) for a hand.

And neither should we be above asking Jesus, He's a gentleman, and He'll let us drop matresses on our selves if we insist on taking our stubborn pills!

And stand in agreement that I am blessed with a tall husband too!:pray:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

bethy your blog reminds me of either a old road runner cartoon or pink panther cartoon. lol either way it was a life lesson to learn. be blessed(man your blog title sounds so "vettieish)

Ramona Meek @ilovehimso ·

Ok ... this truly made me giggle.

Bethy, honey, I completely feel you, for I am the girl in the grocery store who WILL reach that teeny little jar on the top shelf, shoved half way back, and I will do it on my own if I have to scale the shelf wall to do so. Now don't get me wrong, if some tall person is handy enough to solicit help from without a big fuss, fine ... but short of that (no pun intended), I am goin' up that wall, and after that jar, and I guarantee you one of these days ... :oops:. Lol ... never yet, thank God ... but as you are always reminding me, I'm old. Very, very old. If I keep thinking I can do everything all by my teeny self, I'm bound to learn a lesson the hard way about little old ladies and why they shouldn't climb the grocery store shelves. Teehee. But until then ... well, yeh.

Love the object lesson, sister. Great job! Thanks for sharing and for making me laugh.

YMMOROTFLSIC (an easy one J4U)

Anna Jones @annajones ·
First thing here is now the truth comes out !! you are the same size as me !! I'm 5'0 and you have picked on my short legs:eek::eek::eek: Well we are the same height!! maybe not size :doh:,either way shorty I'm glad I finally found out the truth here. THis was a beautiful blog about how we must let him carry that weight and lift those burdens we CANNOT carry... Great blog my friend !!! And again thanks for your insight... love u AJ