Fair weather and such

Ithas been a fairly mild start to December here in my corner of the world. Today we sit with temperatures of 10c/50f which is not terribly unusual for ireland in winter as we are a mild mannered country in weather and in personal temperament. You may laugh but it is true, say what you will about us or our beliefs and we will look at you as one to be pitied, prayed for and pondered about in dark dark places with just a low light shining.

Not so others I have realised. we live in a world of fair weather friends. People who only want a friendship based on us agreeing with all they say . Friendships that dissolve once idiotic views are challenged. We live in a world where we delight in taking personal insult to everything. We go out of our way to be insulted, we claim we uphold free speech and then we demand another stop using their right to free speech.

In Ireland you know you have a friend for life when they insult you, for one never insults an enemy only a friend.

We so live by double standards don't we?

We make a mockery of God's day of rest, we make a mockery of his name. The amount of christians for whom God's name flows off their tongues in anything but praise and worship truly bothers me. We are nasty to others, laughing at their dress sense, their hair styles, their speech and their walk. We like to have the moral high ground and we are passionate about proclaiming that high ground to all around. We have no love for human life otherwise we would value life above all else. Saint or sinner, all life should be valued.

What is God's response to this. Does he walk away from us and wash his hands off us?

I was reading the story of the prodical son and how he went badly astray. He was still a son, not cast out nor banished to a lost eternity. The father patiently waited forhis return, watching the winding road for a sign of his child. We serve a God who loves us despite our nastiness to one another. We serve a God who will never turn his back on us . We can rest assured knowing that that which God holds he keeps . That which he bought he will never sell or give away. We can rest knowing that despite the stupidity of our lives today He is the only one who is faithful.

Rest today Knowing you are kept, saved, and being transformed , regardless of what others may do to you... or what you may do to them.

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

You've always been a talented writer with a gift for words.

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

:) Perfect!


John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

That was an excellent blog with huge splashes of green - enjoy it. Thanks

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I just got around to reading this as I have been at a conference for two days and spent nearly all of last night holding a wee fellow.

This was a topic I heard addressed yesterday though and will write about
that later.

The truth of the matter is not a single one of us is going to agree on everything 100% for the simple reason that none of us is omniscient. I know that is rather shocking isn't it!

You live in a country that has been bloodied and torn-apart due to differences and have seen first hand the destructiveness of this mentality.

Over the years have you and I, my friend, had different points of view on some issues? Absolutely but oh, I am so blessed and honored that you are not only my son but my sister in Christ, loving me in spite of myself! The world divides but Jesus prayed for unity.

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

Nice blog.. interestingly this character is generic and applicable to most human beings, unless they turn and submit to God. We are prodigal sons and daughters.

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