Feeling like Winnie the Pooh

I shared this story with K a few nights ago and thought I would let you all have a giggle today at me expense.
It was a beautiful summerÂ's day in Ireland, the sun shone, for a change, and there was no breeze, no cloud, nothing save the faint buzzing sound from above my head each and every time I opened my back door.
I lifted my eyes toward the roof, and to my wonder and surprise I saw clinging to my wall around one hundred honey bees. Frantically I searched through my mind to try and remember if I had bought a hive whilst out shopping, but no, my memory was either failing me or I had intruders!!!!
By early evening the one hundred bees had multiplied and now they were more like a swarm, covering my wall and even trying to break into my home every time I opened the door.
I went to bed that night, and gave it to the Lord: :pray: Â"Father I love honey, but I do not want a ready supply every time I go outsideÂ".
Next morning I awoke to find the beeÂ's gone.: Praise my father I thought, for he has blessed me with a wall that no longer buzzed and a kitchen free of the pesky little critters.
That was until I wondered what the buzzing was from my attic later that day. They had squirreled their way into my home while I was asleep. While my watch was down, the enemy planned and executed a perfectly calm and silent coup. I WAS UNDER SIEGE.
Hubby told me to let them be and he would look at them when he came home from work. And being a good and obedient wife I Â... hhmmm OK truth? I got him off to work, phoned my neighbour friend and together we hatched a plan. :clap:
Plan AÂ... telephone the beekeepers society and ask them what to do! Good plan eh? Not really, they were as helpful as a chocolate fireguard.
Plan BÂ... Play music really loud for an hour and it will chase them outÂ.... Good plan?
Not really, hurt my head but the bees must suffer from deafness.
So Plan C had to go into operation... I acquires a ladder from the garage (this is the garage I am barred from by the way), armed myself with a can of fly and wasp killer, oh yes armed and dangerous, and with a flash light I steadily and quietly made my way up stairs and toward the attic.
My breath was shallow as I slowly opened the hatch to the attic, I yelled down at the kids and the neighbour to keep the living room door shut, and with one final breath I poked my head through the hatch and with a yell of Â"Got ya suckerÂ" I sprayed the attic with wasp killer.
OH MY was that a mistake or what, two and a half thousand angry bees were waiting with a counter attack. I never descended a ladder as quickly in my life nor did I realise I could take stairs four at a time. I KNOW how Winnie the Pooh felt when hounded by bees.
I screamed for the kids to open the door QUICK, I barged through it almost knocking my neighbour senseless and slammed it shut just as the bees hit the door with a thud.
James Bond HA I laugh in the face of danger!!!!
So there we were holed up in the living room for two hours while we waited for the angry hoard to settle their tiny little heads and shove off somewhere else.
But my gentle request to LEAVE worked, they decided my home was hostile territory and by that evening they had gone, leaving their dead and wounded all around my landing space. :eek:
So if this story has a moral, it is to LISTEN TO YOUR HUSBAND!!!:doh:

Sam Sherman @daysofelijah ·

Haha! this is such a funny story!! Thanks for sharing! You made my morning :)

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Tis always good to start the morning with a smile. It tends to make the day ahead seem all the more welcoming

Anna Jones @annajones ·

GOOD one Bethy you surely should have LISTEN to G... ..I cannot believe you disobeyed him. Shame on you!! But am sure glad you didnot get stung by them honey BEES... :) love AJ

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

winnie the pooh huh bethy? sounds more like that friend of his "the donkey" lol be blessed

Eileen Algaze @ladyvogue ·

hahahaaa... Yes very good story. I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for hte good laugh!

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

shaking my old balding head

bethy, bethy... when WILL you ever learn...

Why on earth did you ask hubby in the first place?!

Methinks you and Gracie could exchange tales of the wild beasts... recall coyote...

Thanks for the laugh... with you...

Shalom, Art

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Have you been spying on me? My husband has now put a can of wasp and hornet spray by the door for me to wield as a weapon. He says, honey, (sorry, bethy, no pun intended) if you happen upon a coyote, shoot the wasp and hornet spray in the coyote's eyes. Personally I thought my golf club was a good weapon, but he disagreed.

Bethy, I'm not sure I like the moral of your story. I think we should change it to something more tasteful to modern day women, such as:

When in danger, call a professional!


When the wall's a buzzin, don't come knocking!

Thanks for the laughs!

Benjamin Foulks @galahad ·

Very good story Bethy. Actually, I kinda feel sorry for the honey bees..."Fly away little bees. Don't go to Bethy's house! Flee from all Ireland if you can!" lol

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

This could/would have been funny to watch.
Glad you got out ok though hehehe
Thanks for the laugh lol.