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Sleeping has not been one of my strong points for a long long time.  I would drop off as soon as my head touched the pillow but within two hours I am awake.  So with that in mind my doctor decided I needed a little help in the form of a magic white tablet to knock me out and allow my brain to rest.  She also increased my dosage of crazy pills at the same time. 

I have never taken a sleeping tablet before and was a little nervous at the thought. 

Had been to my pals house and had a lovely evening, eating pizza and having jokes at her expense, came home and took my meds and my sleeping tablet and because we had only been in one anothers company for four hours I got on the messaging service and we started to chat again.  Or at least I think we chatted again.  For ten minutes after taking my tablet i remember nothing until I woke at 5am staring at the bedpost and me in my pjs. 

I looked at my phone to find out what time it was and saw that my daughter had messaged my pal to say I was sleeping .  Then more messages from my daughter to my pal to say that I was now in bed and safely tucked up. 

I fell asleep whilst talking to Annie, Ryan went to pick me up and I told him not to even think about it.  So G came in from the garage and they bulldozed me up the stairs.  They sat me on the bed where i promptly fell backwards and started to tell them I had had pizza. They pulled me up to a sitting position and I promptly fell face first off the bed onto the floor. They picked me up again, and sat me on the bed.  I then proclaimed that I needed to use the bathroom.  It seems that one can avail of a bathroom whilst asleep, but falling off the loo is an occupational hazard.  I dont remember falling .  I dont remember saying to my family  "I dont know who I am" I dont remember opening the bathroom door and forgetting to move my legs when the door swung open.  Gordon would make a great rugby player for he tackled me before I hit the carpet… again!

Can I say that this whole time my daughter Sarah was laughing her head off, according to her the next day.  I tried to get my pjs on whilst standing on them and refusing any sort of help whatsoever.  Then I swan dived into bed and they breathed a sigh of relief. 

I was so confused when I awoke.  A little scared too at what I had done without recollecting it. 

Sunday night I made sure I was safely in bed before I took the tablet.  Not sure its helping my brain rest though.. after all, it has to find it first!


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Oh my! ROFLOL!

I've had stuff to make me sleep in cold medicine before and learned rather quickly, DON'T. I feel so awful, afterwards. So, I quote Psalm 4:8 instead and talk to God instead. There are no negative side-effects.

When I stopped laughing though, I recalled that there are six days in my life that I do not remember. Well, I remember a fragment or two but for the most part, there is nothing. Apparently I moved when told to move and answered yes and no questions but despite all of those things, I myself had checked-out. :laughing:

Ann-marie Faulkner @aggiefaulkner ·

This still makes me laugh 😂😂

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

I must apologize neighbour . I had a good laugh at your expense but god is good he's taking care of you


Well, there's a cautionary tale if I ever heard one. I hope there are no lasting effects from falling over.

Here's hoping you get some much-needed rest. Blessings!

Beth M @blest ·

AND… now we know why I have refused to use sleeping meds even though I have had insomnia since Kirk's death.

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