hedgehogs and cowards

My dog is a bit of a coward.  She likes to pretend she is otherwise but her bravery deserts her when she comes face to face with an empty cardboard tube, a floor brush, a cordless dyson,  a cushion and a hedgehog.  Yup, you heard me right; my dog is afraid of hedgehogs. 

how do I know this you ask?  well I am glad you asked.  It's because there is a hedgehog living under her kennel, a hedgehog whom my husband has named Henry.  Henry pokes his wee nose ( we took it for granted it was a him), out from under the kennel and waddles over to the dish where Jenny, our dog, has her dried food.  Henry then proceeds to eat the food.  Meanwhile Jenny cowers in her bed crying and screaming.

Oh yes, did you not realise that a dog could scream?  They can.  She refuses to stop until we either take Henry and put him in the hedge or we bring her into the house.  Whilst this may sound cute let me reassure you that at 4am when its bucketing outside it is certainly anything but cute. 

But hedgehogs are lovely until you try to lift one with your bare hands.  Then they hurt, badly! 

What we think happened is that Jenny ( the dog, please keep up)  ,  tried to investigate Henry and got hurt for her efforts.  Now she knows better and stays away. 

Kinda think we could call sin our henry.  Looks good, we admire, we investigate, we reach out to touch and OWW . 

lets hope we all have the sense of Jenny, and scream everytime our henry comes visiting.



K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I love your analogy!

Beth M @blest ·

That's wonderful! Poor Jenny!


John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Obviously this is the time and season for Bethy blogs well done - enjoyable

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