I am so not ready

Well, the carol service is over, the party is gone for another year, and as I relish the rest from church, it has dawned on me that I am not ready for cristmas day.
The days I should have been shopping I spent doing other things, the one day I set aside for present buying, I spent looking in shop windows and drinking coffee in quaint little coffee shops,
I thoroughly enjoyed my day, but I had nothing to show for it. So now I (and others whom i could name) have to go out tonight and tomorrow to get the gifts.
You see had I been more organized i would not be in this panic now, i would be able to sit and enjoy my school holidays, maybe even talk to you for a while. But alas I am behind and thinking im not going to catch up.

And of course the shops will be packed, the goods will be all picked over and I will be cross. But (i hear your echo), I have no one to blame but me! . I have no one to point my finger at, but me. So really i only get what I deserve,

HHMMMM makes me wonder . What will I get from Jesus when all is said and done. Will I be like the wise virgins who were ready for their Lord, or will I (and it is likely) be like the foolish ones. Will I be shouting for God to hold back a little cause I am not yet ready?. because i have been sitting drinking coffee when there was work to be done for the kingdom.
Will I get what I deserve? Oh dear I sure hope not!

beth :doh: