I ask for wisdom if the storm approaches

Sometimes we know when a storm is blowing in. Sometimes the smell of the air or the way the wind is blowing will indicate that its time to batten down the hatches and take cover.
I know in Ireland we get more storms than we do sunshine, but we have adapted and it takes a lot to keep us indoors and under cover.
Sometimes though a real hum dinger of a storm catches us unaware. We neither see it coming nor hear its approach until its too late. :doh:

Today I’m really just writing down my thoughts on a possible approaching storm. Tomorrow is exam result day for my girls. They have worked so hard for these exams, and they face tomorrow with a little fear and a lot of faith.
For my eldest girl, the outcome will dictate her University choice. She needs A’s and B’s to achieve the University of her Choice.
My younger daughter really needs all A’s and just one B to stay on course for a career in medicine.
So today I sit here and strain my ears to try and hear the whisper of the wind. Is it going to be a gentle breeze that makes us rejoice, or is it going to bring in a storm of panic and career meetings and frantic phone calls?

To be honest my friends, I don’t know. But I do know this: That he who holds tomorrow in his hands holds my girls as they open those envelopes. And He will direct their path and make their way straight.
You see in the storm he is our anchor, he is their anchor.
A bad exam result is not the end of the world, though it may feel like it at the time.
But I watch the weather, I praise and I ask for wisdom for tomorrow... No point in sitting and doing nothing when the wind is blowing is there? :pray: