I love you seems to be the hardest words

My friends I have wonderful news to share..

I have discovered that I have a wonderful gift. Now I discovered this because I have been praying for the ability to do this for a long time.
I have discovered that I can raise my hands in worship when I'm driving!!!! :clap:

I can put on Hillsong, I can drive along the road on my own and YES eventually I can raise my hands. But here is where the really cool bit comes in. I can raise both hands into the air, and steer the car with my knee!!! Now is that seriously cool or what??? I can even go around corners doing it as long as I don't drive too fast.
I am so multitalented it just blows me away.
Now, much as I am truly chuffed at the ability to do this, I don't think I'm going to tell hubby of my new and wonderful talent.
I am not so sure he will be as impressed as I am, or, as I hope you are! :)

You see friends, there are things about me that he does not need to know, not now nor in the future. Sometimes for the sake of my ears its best to say nothing.
But, and this is a big but, so be prepared...
I'm going to share a little insight about myself here today. Now it's not often I do this, but for the sake of Christian growth within this community I will make an exception this time. :eek:

You see, I have issues! And one of those issues is telling folk how I feel about them.
There are things we do not need to know about each other. But there are things we need to share with those closest to us. And to a degree, those who live on the edge of our lives.

I have a big problem in telling Folk I love them. I can be flippant and say cheerio love ya!! , but that just rolls off the tongue. Having to stop for a sec, take a breath and say... "You know, I love you". Is something I find very difficult to do. I have hundreds of reasons for being like this, none of which I am going to go into.
But needless to say I have been left struggling with saying these words out loud.

So these past few months my mentor has been teaching me how to say "I love you". And I have to say at times I have been pretty embarrassed as she has waited sometimes for 15 mns in silence for me to pluck up the courage to say Love you,, which I do, because not only is she my mentor, she is my friend. And those of you here whom I have taken to my heart, when I say I love you, I don't think you realise the pain I put myself through just to get those words out. (I am so seriously warped) But ...

I am persevering with this because I know to my detriment that this is something we all need to hear. We need to know that we are loved. We need to know someone loves us for who we are and not just what they can take from us (been there, not nice). And we need to say it, often.
I look at my Saviour and I know he had no problem telling me how much he loves me. He became a servant and hung on the tree to show how he loved me.
I need so much to sit at his feet and learn about love. :pray:

But please, please, do not tell my hubby how I drive, oh and don't do it yourself, it's only for seriously gifted people such as me!!! :wink:

Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·

Dearest Bethy,

I love you! And please be careful, I would love to see you driving and would love to hear what you say to the police officer who pulls you over for reckless driving, lol. Maybe "I love you!" :-p

I sit at His feet too, for there is no greater love than that of Jesus. The perfect place to learn about true love.



Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Um, I'm trying to picture this woman driving with no hands and on the wrong side of the road to boot.

I think I'll congratulate you from a distance -- you stay in your lane and I'll stay in mine.

But I hear what you're saying, so congrats to you! Unrestrained worship is what you learned.

Good job!

Watch out!

Kathy Putman @perugrirma777ngo ·

Cool !!!! Bethy now u sound like me!!!! Just dont hit any wild turkeys!!! Unless its 4 supper.MMMMMMMMMMMM road kill:) Guess what?????? I love u tooo!!!!


Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Dearest Bethy

Awesome revelation.:clap:

Now would you please explain to alight that a woman does not keep secrets from her husband, she merely operates on a 'need to know' basis! :wink:

Debra Unruh @fairhaven7 ·

Bethy! We haven't met in the chat room for awhile... I need to remember to hit the pillow after 1:00 am to talk to you! :)

Bethy I love that you have found a new way to praise the Lord. He does tell us to pray without ceasing - and if you can do that with your hands in the air, I'd say you have the gift! I have driven that way since I was 22, only I did it because I was eating hamburgers and fries and didn't want to wait to get home or they would be cold. Now the knees and corners are tricky, you may have to give me a few tips on that one.

Loved your blog! I feel so happy today between the glitter story, Andrea's good news and now your new-found gift - how can I possibly have a bad day!

Thanks so much for the blog, dear Bethy!


Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

Hey, bethy, I hear you. I probably have vastly different reasons than you, but I also struggle with the phrase "I love you." Perhaps not saying it... But truly living it. If you ever want a struggle, pray to God as I have, to teach me how to love. Oi.

Anna Jones @annajones ·

Beth, listen you need aleast one hand on the wheel, when you get home and is in the shower is when you need to put both up. LoL. Opps I just told something.. And I can say I have found so many here that I can truly say that I LOVE them, and can say without a doubt, I LOVE YOU!!! God is so able to make us realize we need one another, and can truly show love one for another, in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, .. Love you AJ

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

BETHY you keep one hand on that wheel unless you in the back 40 and no cars -tractors or trucks are around!
I saying that because "I LOVE YOU"! I do not want to hear -bethy in hospital cause she ran off the cruve and nobody knows how or why:eek: :cry: So don't make me go to the closet bethy!
As for saying "I Love You" take it from someone that could not --it takes practice --first with your mentor then with others.

I do Love You!

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

You are all wayyyy to nice to me, ty.
Gracie dont worry,, its not me on the wrong side of the road its you!! And alight, listen to kiwi!

i am so appreciative of all your comments... well maybe not all.. Am shifting uncomfortably in my chair as I type here, at the thought of mom/pooh and her darn closet.

But yeah, as my heart thumps with fear in my chest and my blood pressure rises slightly, as i trip over my words,, I just want to say,I love you too.

Albert Bunyea @bubbavela ·

I know that I am not the only one who is thinking this but I would Love you alot better if you would stay off the same road as me. LOL I really understand what you mean by not being able to say I love you. I was blessed at an early age because my mother use to always say" I love you the most." So as I child growing up we got into the habit of saying it. It became a contest on who would say it first. Still i believe it is very important for others to know how we feel, recently i wrote a blog about the ones i may leave behind where i try and tell everyone in my family how i feel about them. It was very healing to my soul. I know that love is a gift from our Lord that we were meant to share.

Love ya the most,
Your brother in light,


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