just pondering why

Yesterday I opened my email to see that I had my receipt for my subscription to CB, and it got me to wondering as to why I support this site.

Now wondering and thinking are never top of my €œTo do€ list, but I did force myself to sit and ponder what it is that draws me here.

First and foremost this site offers me a safe haven from the day to day worries I face. I can come here, close the door and just rest in the presence of others who think as I do (ohhhh poor you), and love the Lord as I do.
I like that I don't have to be on the defensive all the time. I appreciate that I can hunt out someone to pray with me, and for me, and there is always someone willing to hold my hand and pray and laugh or cry with me.

I would liken CB to a staff room. Most of us here in CB work in our churches, some of us work outside our churches in missions and in reaching out to certain sections of the community. I for one work with kids with moderate to severe learning difficulties on an outreach basis, I work and sit along side teenage girls, some who sail through life and some, well, some who don't.
But when I come here, I can breathe easy. I can recharge my batteries, and know that the outside world won't disturb me or come knocking when the staff room door is closed.
I am safe here. No one is going to come and make fun of my belief (and if they do, they get short shift). No one is going to condemn me or judge me here.

I honestly believe that CB is the best Christian site there is. I believe with all my heart that it is a wonderful tool for us to make use of, to rest, play, pray, study and learn.

So why do I support this site? Why the answer to that is quite simple, I can't afford not to.

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

no "ice road truckers pt 2? thank you for all do and who you are my friend be blessed

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

how thankful i am for U!!!
as Vettie said Thanks for all you do and who you are!
Ur a Gem!


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[quote]So why do I support this site? Why the answer to that is quite simple, I can't afford not to. [/quote]

That is exactly how I feel, Bethy!


K :princess:

Maria Abigail Guevarra @purifymyheart ·

Couldn't say it any better. :clap:

One of the reasons why I keep coming back in Cb is YOU. Seriously.
I forgot the things we've talked about the first time I met you mom in the chat room,
but i remember how good it feels.. i remember the laughters.. though i can't remember what's that i was laughing about. :)

I remembered how much you cared, so was V (happytoberestored, how i miss her!)
when i shared my predicament w/ regards to my health.

Cb is more than a Christian website..
it's like home..
a safe haven, as you have said..
where we could be who we really are..
not afraid of being judged.

:flower: Blessings,


Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Yes, sister bethy, you are right. This is a great blogsite for christians, even though we do not know each other well, and are from different countires, yet it is the common belief , and the common Faith that we have in our Lord Jesus that breaks down all barriers, binds us together in one Spirit, cares for each other's needs and prayer requests. It is actually a little church, you know.:studying: You can get your spiritual feedings here too, PTL.

Before I joined CB, I have visited some other christian blogsites. There is no movements at all, no comments, no prayer request , no activities. TOTAL SILENCE.:doh:

Here I see christians praying for each other, guiding , helping , encouraging each other, even get to read beautiful poems, have Sunday sermons, many different thoughts, many different views, many different experiences , and all because of our Lord Jesus who binds us as one.

Let us all carry on the good work that has begun here, and let it grows and grows and grows.

Blessings always,:flower:

From Silverpen

Marjorie Albertson @marjorie ·

As Silverpen said, this is a church. I appreciate you all. Thank you.

Ted Foy @following ·

:clap:Amen, Amen and Amen


Thanks for sharing.


Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

I totally agree Bethy. My anniversary is coming in July. WOW! Time sure fly's when you
re having fun.
Love the little smiley's running in a circle, following. A circle of friendship and Christian fellowship right here at CB.


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