Last night I dreamed of Heaven

Last night I dreamed of Heaven, I stood before my Lord
To give account for all my sins, in action, thought and word
I hung my head in great despair, and cried "Don't let it be"
that you should look upon the sins of someone such as me.

God called the angels, bring to him, A book that I did see,
Embossed upon the cover... BETH'S SINS VOL 1-3,
And stretched behind the Throne of God, more books than I could bear
Each one to testify of my sin, for anyone to hear

And in my dream I fell as dead, before my God and King
And begged him not to touch the books, nor to look therein
But in his hands the books he took, and called me to my knees
And asked me had I put my trust in the Christ of Calvary

So as I looked each page he turned, and as he turned I cried
For every page would tell of how, I hurt the one who died,
Every foul and evil thing my sinful soul did do
Was written in the book of sin, in plain and open view
Then as I dreamed I heard a voice, command me to come near
with tears that flowed around my face, I came in open fear
And he who spoke, gave to me, the volume he did hold
And told of me to read the words, which would send me from his fold

But as I read I was confused, for every page I read
Said only five little words... Christ paid your price instead.
I tore through volume thirty one, and every one the same
The pages blank, the sins wiped out, and could nowhere find my name
Then as I dreamed, My God explained how every book that I beheld
Was gilt in grace and mercy, by the Christ who was impaled
And how my sins though many,were cleansed from every line
Every dot, and T and comma, erased from Jesus mind.

And so I woke, and worshipped HIM who never more will look
Upon the many sins of Beth written in the book
Each word, each thought and every deed, I will weigh against his grace
Then someday not in dreaming, I will look upon his face

Last night I dreamed of Heaven....