lesson from the dead

Its not often one goes about their daily work only to be struck dumb by the sudden appearance of a body. A dead Body!!

That very thing happened to me on Monday evening. Let me tell you my story...

Twas Monday evening (as I have already said), and Hubby and I had taken leave of our warm and cosy home to go to our church halls to give them their weekly scrub.
Walking into the building we noticed that there was a light shining through the door that leads to the church. Just a small light, the one over the doors at the front of the church.

I told hubby that if he went and got his mop I would go and check that there was no one in the church and turn out the light. So singing to myself I flung open the door, paddled in, and was stopped in my tracks by a coffin!!

There it was, sitting at the front of the church where the choir usually sit. Now I know we had asked for choir members of any ability to come forward... but this was ridiculous. ( sorry, bad joke)

So I backed out rather quickly and ran to find hubby. Grabbing him by the arm I whispered “There’s a body in the church”. “A what” said he, “A body” said me.

He looked at me and asked the most stupid question “What kind of body”... (men really)

“A DEAD body, up at the front, large as life and”... hold on, there is something wrong with that statement, it was not large as life.
Hubby ran into the church expecting a body and found a coffin. He just looked at me, called me an eejit and walked out to get on with his cleaning.

Later that evening I had a meeting at church and asked one of the women if she knew who from our church had died. She suggested going to the coffin and looking at the name on the lid. I told her that there was no way I was doing that.

I mean, What if it had been my name on that lid!!!

Turns out that it was a man from church who was terribly old and only attended church every blue moon. I didn’t really know him, and that was sad.

I need to explain why finding a coffin was such a shock to me. We do not lay people out in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. The deceased is taken home and Waked in the family home. This is only the second time a dead body has been left overnight in church.

Hmm... so it got me wondering. Was he really the only dead body in Church this week?

Ephesians .

How many in Church are walking dead, sleeping their way into a lost eternity.

Got me thinking, thats all.

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Bethy - In the USA it is mostly handled by a funeral home. Very removed from everyday life and very expensive. I like the sound of yuor system better. - bibleguy

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Well I've been to more than one Wake in a church -- but they never left the coffin/body in the church --let alone overnight!! :eek:

I would have walked up to the coffin to see if there was really a body in it. then tried to find out who would have left the poor soul there all alone.

As for the "living dead" in today's church. I fear there are more than we care to know of.

Very interesting blog Bethy.


Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

A great analogy. Some clever pastor might wake up his congregation with a casket propped up in every pew. That would have an impact.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Imagine it At least everyone would have something to talk about around the lunch table .. other than pastor bashing that is!!! :doh:

Billy Beard @billyb ·

I enjoyed reading this blog. Thank you for sharing. God Bless bethy. billy.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Growing up, the church I attended was too small to accommodate funerals so typically the funeral was either held at the funeral home where there was more room or arrangements were made to hold them at a larger church. While it is also customary in this part of the country at least, to do a visitation the night before the funeral at the funeral home for for about two to three hours, it is also customary to stop in and visit and bring food to the family sometime preceding the funeral. There is of course, the time right after the funeral as well when a light meal is generally served by the church and/or friends of the family.

I loved your story, Bethy but was saddened to realize it is all too true.


K :princess:

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Good point! how horrifying would we all look if people could see the "inside" me? how horrifying is it that GOD CAN?? I love an appreciate the old song that sings "For the one who knows me best loves me most"...that says A LOT!! :butterfly:


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