missing you

today i'm feeling kinda sad. And I miss you. Sometimes i struggle to understand why God will bring someone into our lives and then take then away again.
And if that person is someone you gel with on a totally new level it makes it all the harder when they leave, worse when God directs them to go. So today i am endulging in a little self pity. i have other friends but some of them would rather talk than listen if you get my drift. they may hear that you are down with flu and will call to find out how you are. But when you finally put the phone down you realise that you have spent 20mns listening to their woes. And i have too many friends like that. i want someone who will tell me to stop winging, who will see through the smile and ask, how are you you today? . And i had a friend like that, and my Father sent her away. i don't think i am angry that he chose her for his service, i am just lonely without her. i suppose i am just being selfish, so i need to beg my Fathers forgiveness for that. but surely god knows how I feel today. There is no point in hiding my thoughts from him for scripture tells me that he knows all my thoughts. I will get round to thanking Him for her friendship.i will see the bigger picture, and I will understand why he sent her away.
but maybe not today.

Kathy Putman @perugrirma777ngo ·

:wink:What happened to your friend Bethy???? Sorry!!! But remember people will always let us down maybe not on purpose. But the one who will never let us down and is always with us is Jesus. I know you know that,hang in there


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