My Good list

There are things I am good at, and no doubt about it there are things I am not good at.

The things I am bad at I could list on the back of a postage stamp, but the good things, ahh well my friends, at the fear of sounding pompous I would need a whole ream of paper to list those qualities.

But let me give you a taster of my good list. I am good at ; breaking things, burning things, losing things, forgetting things, the list is endless but I know you get the idea.

Though I have to admit I am also good at fixing things. I accidently burned a couple of holes in the kitchen bench a few weeks ago and feeling rather cross and annoyed with myself I decided to fix it .

So I fixed it !!

How did you fix it I hear you say?

Very easily, I put a chopping board over the burns and sure as a black cow gives while milk the burn was no more.

Now at this point I was very proud of myself as was Kreynolds when I told her of my achievement.

Hubby was not so impressed, for lifting up the chopping board the burns were once more exposed. Mind you, he did congratulate me on my effort to fix the problem.

Which brings me to my utter amazement at the Grace and Mercy of God , for he covered my sin with the blood of His Son Christ Jesus. Not only is it covered, but it is gone .

I am a new creation unlike my bench!!!

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

Lol. This made me smile.Gosh I love you and applaud your effort in covering those burn holes.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

ROFLOL! I remember you telling me this story when we were in chat one day. The Leprechaun is very difficult to impress, isn't he, Bethy. At least he recognized your efforts. :mrgreen:

I too am utterly amazed at the Grace and Mercy of God. You're right. He does not just cover our sins. They are gone and unlike The Leprechaun who at times may be at least tempted to fish them out again and display them under your nose, God does not ever recall them again. :dance:


K :princess:

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

May I suggest using glue next time. Or duct tape. Duct tape can fix anything.


Billy Beard @billyb ·

Thank you for this. I have really missed these bethy blogs. I can only say... I am... amazed at the things you do.

God Bless ya.

Alan Nethery @shadowalker ·

(Sigh) I have missed you, Little Sister... Thank you for the light moment, and the enlightenment. We do indeed serve an awesome God!

God Bless! :angel:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Thank you Bethy for enlightening me. I THOUGHT it was Irish logic (like the things that Irish comes out with) but now I KNOW it is! Having said that, your reasoning for doing the things that you do sound very sensible to me. :thumbs_up: May be I have been married to an Irishman for too long! I rather like the duct tape and felt tip pen idea. Colouring in is quite theraputic so, may be, the lepru..leaproi..little green man would like to help you :mrgreen:


Alan Nethery @shadowalker ·

Why do I suddenly feel frightened? lol :eek:


Vincent Chough @clayonmyeyes ·

Great post! This is the position of humility... we are blessed when we have this vision. Thanks Bethy!
Grace to you,

Valarie Quick @secondrider ·

Just... charmin'! absolutley charmin'. and why on earth do we have to have fifty characters and 15 words?