my words are in vain

I came into Cb this morning to realise that a friend had left. I knew this was on the cards for she had expressed her dissatisfaction with a number of things.
But even though I knew she was going to leave I still tried to persuade her to stay. It seems that no matter what I said to her , there was no getting through her hurt. :(

And that made me sad, I so wanted her to stay with us and grow alongside us.
I tried to help her see that we could agree to differ and still be one body, but again my words were in vain.

Sometimes I wonder if I have done enough to help someone fit in. Sometimes I wonder if I have gone far enough with them to help them and to listen to them. Then I realise that my words can only do so much.

My words are lifeless and without breath. ItÂ's at times like this that I realise that the only words that have to power to change are the words of God. His words hold life and breath. His words can bind the broken hearted and heal the wounded soul.

IÂ'm still sad though, I will miss her. But I know that the word of God endures forever and he is the one who will never leave us nor forsake us.
I wish my friend all of Gods blessings, and I pray for those here that we will continue to work and worship together for the Glory of God.

Steve Cohen @mrgramps ·

Hello Beth,

Bless you. I can truly relate to your disappointment and sadness.
People are so often afraid, and sadly, they are not really in-tune with what they are afraid of; they just run, but they cannot run from the Holy Spirit. Your seeds of comfort were planted in your dear friends heart, and the Holy Spirit will make sure that they grow. As you know, 'the word shall not return void, but shall accomplish what it was set out to do.' Allow her to go in God, as the Father allowed his son to go; soon she will return, if not to you then to God--better then she was before. In Jesus, there is not real disappointment, because in Jesus there is eternity; we never run out of time. All is in God's time and purpose. How glorious is that truth.
Jesus loves you--and your dear friend.


Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·


I have seen many leave, some times canceling their membership others just not logging in for what ever reason. It is sad and makes us all wonder if we could have "done more" to make others feel welcome and loved. It sounds as if the person had their mind set on leaving.

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·


Thank you for writing this. Yes, we have seen many, even most, who stop in here come and go. It is to be expected. However, in recent weeks we have seen some very active and faithful members here @ CB decide to stop coming. It s.

In most cases, people decide to leave because this is not the place for them for many reasons.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes we drive people away because of intolerance. Or we work so had to either promote a point of view or even to keep some from being hurt that we cause hurt to others. There have been elements of that here. It saddens me to see these disputes going on here. But they are happening.

In some cases we have also become "cliquish", longer standing members on being open to newcomers. Certainly not always the case, but often enough we need to each take a look at ourselves. I know I have been guilty of this even while striving to be receptive and welcoming.

This is a difficult time for CB. I pray that we will be able to overcome these trials.

Shalom, Art

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

I hear you Art. And I pray alongside you friend.

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Certainly if we ceased seeking to fight each other all the time and sought to honestly listen to what others are saying I think there would be far less of the divisive spirit that has caused so many to pack their bags and leave.

We all have fought the desire to run away from this place many times. Usually we had legitimate reasons (in our minds) for doing so. In some cases it was probably right for someone to leave due to what took place. But, many times if a person slowed down the train and thought through what it was they were doing, they would see how fruitless running away really is.

Way back in ancient history here, I was kicked off this site for violation of rules. Initially I was furious and vowed to never return even as a guest and to tell the world what a horrible place this is because they upheld their rules. Hmmm, just what is so bad about that anyway?

After a day I totally changed course and started pestering the powers that be that I truly was sorry for being a creep and to please allow me to return. Amazingly they did allow me back (under probation though) and in the almost two years since I have never seriously thought about leaving. I have invested way too much of my heart, time, money and life here to ever allow a temporary spat with someone to cause me to leave.

Sorry for the long comment but this provided a perfect place to speak these things. We all need to take a step back from the angry and combative mood that has been present here for the past month and lovingly help each other instead of trying to preach to each other or get all defensive about someone disagreeing with our thoughts.


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·


My friend there is nothing to forgive, there is nothing to forget and there is lots of trust. I am delighted to see you, I truly am.
And I love your new name, for you were never standing alone. You have Christ and you have friends. I love your heart.

DWJ ... (dancing with joy)



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