paying for my own stupidity

Ok, some of you know that my son is asthmatic. because of his condition he is on tablets to keep his airways open at night. Every night after he takes his inhalers he takes one little tablet. One tiny little tablet that keeps my son healthy.
And I have been so stupid, for i always check that he has taken the tablet. I always ask, then check. But because of other things on my mind recently, these past three nights i never checked if he had indeed taken his medication.

not only that but it was really cold yesterday and i took my son out of the house while i shopped. You see, i am so stupid, for the combination of cold and lack of tablets set of a reaction in my son that had him coughing his little lungs out from one am this morning. My son is ten, and coughs like a smoker with a sixty a day habit. And it is all my fault. Truly at this moment if i had the ability to shake myself I sure would. if I had the little cartoon of the head banging off a wall I would be doing that as well.

I KNOW the danger of forgetting his medication, we have almost lost him in the past, above anyone i should know to keep a tight eye on him. But I was neglectful and my son paid the price. Take it from me, to watch your child fight for every breath is not a nice experience to witness. And to know that it is totally your own stupid fault, only makes it worse.

But in the calm after the storm, i was reminded of a conversation i had with a friend. We were discussing how when we neglect our spiritual side, we suffer. When we forget to take our daily food of scripture our soul is vulnerable to attack from satan. As i watched my son struggled for breath last night, i knew that my soul equally struggles without daily contact with my God.

believe me I have learned two valuable lessons today. My son will NOT forget his tablets tonight not any night hereafter, and i go now to open Gods word.

Ramona Meek @ilovehimso ·

Praise our Protector, bethy! Awesome God we serve, and awesome spin you share with us in reminder of all we are with Him, and how quickly we mess up without Him. You're right, we do need our daily feedings more than anything ... did I say daily? I should've said every second. ;) Thanks for sharing this. In His love, Mona

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

Beth, if we were perfect parents, there would be no need for the saving grace of Jesus.


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Bethy don't be so hard on yourself. We have all messed up at one time or another. Yes we do very much need to stay in God's word and by his side to stay focused and strong. I thank you with love for that reminder.

Albert Bunyea @bubbavela ·

If we were already perfect then we wouldn't need our Lord. Praise God that we still need him, cause it gives us a chance to be with our loved ones for eternity. Besides, our Lord is always looking over our shoulders.

Go in Peace,

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

It's tragic but you should not be so hard on yourself when you just made a mistake. You just made a mistake. And I think you should be careful and go ahead with life. May you have a better day. Amen.


Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

It's just as well we're all in the 'saved by grace' club...:pray: I ask God for total healing of your son's lungs. May he experience for himself the awesome power of God in his life. And Bethy, just as you are a blessing to us here, may you be blessed as you continue to grow in grace and in the wisdom of God. Thank you for your blog. kbird

Anna Jones @annajones ·

Bethy first of all want to say am glad Tom is better now, and 2nd want to say we all make mistakes as parents, some costly and some not so costly, but Thank God he is a faithful and just God to know things we dont know. You are so right about taking our daily dose of God's word also, we must read & pray, to stay strong. Cause the devil is out to kill, steal,and destory everyone of us, he knows he's time is limited. Jesus is coming soon, oh God help everyone of us to be ready should you call us home in 2009, or anytime for the matter. Your a gem !! Love ya AJ

Kathy Putman @perugrirma777ngo ·


u r a good mom!!! U stop it !!!! like u tell me. The Lord has u your hubby, Tom and your girls in the hollow of his hand((does this sound familiar????). I have to get busy on those devotions!!!

Thanks and love ya,

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

bety, are you glad that god isnt standing in front of us wagging his finger in our face as his foot is tapping up and down?you are not a so stop crawling on the ground and walk in his love and grace.. be blessed and that will be "5 cents"

Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·

Aw Bethy, I do so know how you feel. How many times do I find myself kicking myself in the rear for some stupid thing I did? Too many! But at this point of the year it is easy to forget some things we shouldn't, so brush the dust off, get up and thank the Lord for His grace and His protection!

Happy New Year!



Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

I sympathize with your fear. I am so new a mom, and I have much to learn, but a lesson I learned early is the fear that something I did wrong would hurt my child, even take him away from me. I am sorry that you had to go through this! And I echo Kiwi's prayer for his lungs, and I believe it can happen! There is a woman in my church who has suffered from debilitating asthma and allergies, was prayed over, and NO LONGER has possibly life-taking attacks. God's power is complete, and his decisions are perfect. I pray for you and your son.
Also, I echo many others sentiments that you shouldn't be so hard on yourself, and that it is only in Christ that we have strength.
Blessings on you.

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