picking the cherries out of the scone

You know what its like, you text back and forth,back and forth and eventually you settle on a date for tea and scones with a friend. Sometimes the coffee date is to enable you to speak from your heart, sometimes its to sort out dates for the next ministry meeting, and sometimes, well, sometimes its just to pick the cherries out of the scone and offer them to your friend.

I had a tea and scone date like that yesterday. I was aware that someone in my church was having a tough time. Life in all its wonderful beauty was giving her a severe kicking at a time when her physical health was not fit for such an attack. So after a few texts and a few phone calls we arranged to meet for afternoon tea and scones.

Now I don t do the deep and meaningful often. I approach life with what can only be described as the bull in a china shop mentality. In other words I look at the person, open my mouth and put my foot straight where only my teeth and tongue ought to be.

But yesterday I was on my best behaviour. I picked my friend up from her house, we laughed and giggled (mostly about our husbands) and had a fantastic afternoon.

When we got home she turned to me,and in all seriousness thanked me for the cherries out of my scone.

It s the little things that make a difference; it s the little things people will remember. Go and do a little thing this week, go and do a little thing next week. They add up you know.