pondering the many hidden blessings of God

Yesterday I was singing and leading the music at "Albert’s church". For those of you with shorter memories than me :doh: Albert was my worship partner and friend who died suddenly a few weeks ago. Now last night was the first time I had been back to his church, and I was not looking forward to it at all.

But after the service the drummer who is also a great friend of Albert came up to speak with me.
He told me of how the week before Albert died, he and Albert and another guy had spent almost two hours sitting in the body of the church laughing, talking and pondering of the goodness of God.

Kenneth was visibly upset as he recalled that last time they were together. But he also said that sitting together after the service was something they rarely had time to do, as they were too busy tidying up and speaking to the other members of this tiny but beautiful body of people.
I may be wrong here, but I tentatively suggested that God had given this time to Kenneth as a gift. A time he can look back on with joy and happiness. A time of great blessing from the father who knew of the heartache that Kenneth would endure within the next few days.

I often wonder if we savour (K :princess: please not the U in savour) the times God has given us. Do we stop to think that a chance meeting or an extended conversation is a blessing from God, or even a special gift from him into a situation in our lives.
Kenneth will cherish that last conversation with his friend, until they can pick up where they left of in Glory of course.
Today though, it has made me stop to thank God for the things I do not even notice he does for me.
I Love him so much.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

You are right, Bethy. Far too often we do not savor...
What? Why are you looking at me like that? Oh, okay. It is your blog so I will do it your way.

Far too often we do not stop to savo[b]u[/b]r the times given to us. I have had experiences like Albert's friend. While I was always one to express my feelings, I have to say I do it even more so know and I am learning more and more NOT to take things for granted.


K :princess:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

bethy you are right. in our busyness and "hurry up society , we miss out of the beauty of hearing not only voices and conversation but singing and laughting. i thank god still when people say"i hear too much and after years of being around loud trucks and machines in the army, i can still hear. be blessed

Joanna Lee @jnissi ·

Hi Bethy, reading your blog has reminded me to 'take time' to appreciate and to 'more be expressive' to those around me bec just like a season 'coming and passing' are the people that cross our paths... someone once said that everyone that crosses our path is like a dot painted on the canvass of our lives and in the end , each dot is a needed as a point to connect the whole picture... how very true!!... also that I will be the 'connect point' in the canvass of the other person's life..