Redressing the Imbalance

Redressing the imbalance.

I was listening to one of our local radio stations earlier this week and of course with it being new year and silly season they were having a little fun.

They had a list of complaints and thoughts from overseas visitors to my breezy warm and sun kissed land. 😉

I have to say at this point that I do not in any way imagine that any of my friends at CB would ever think such thoughts of my homeland BUT I do have to say that all of these thoughts came from our cousins across the pond.

1€ Someone from Boston( you know who you are), wrote to the tourist information to complain that NO ONE had said€ €œTop of the Morning€ to them from they arrived in my country .

2.. Someone from NY had contacted the Tourist Information to enquire as to the whereabouts of the Leprauchaun forests as they wanted to take pictures of the small people. :eek:

3 Someone from the south( not my buddy) was amazed at the fact that In Ireland we have cell (mobile) phones. :dance:

4.. And this is the last one for today€. An individual didn't realise we don't live in thatch cottages and were surprised that everywhere had electricity.. This last one I can assure you is truth for the individual was in my Uncle's car when they expressed their astonishment at just how far we have come in 300 years. :doh:

Ain't life grand!!!