Redressing the Imbalance

Redressing the imbalance.

I was listening to one of our local radio stations earlier this week and of course with it being new year and silly season they were having a little fun.

They had a list of complaints and thoughts from overseas visitors to my breezy warm and sun kissed land. 😉

I have to say at this point that I do not in any way imagine that any of my friends at CB would ever think such thoughts of my homeland BUT I do have to say that all of these thoughts came from our cousins across the pond.

1€ Someone from Boston( you know who you are), wrote to the tourist information to complain that NO ONE had said€ €œTop of the Morning€ to them from they arrived in my country .

2.. Someone from NY had contacted the Tourist Information to enquire as to the whereabouts of the Leprauchaun forests as they wanted to take pictures of the small people. :eek:

3 Someone from the south( not my buddy) was amazed at the fact that In Ireland we have cell (mobile) phones. :dance:

4.. And this is the last one for today€. An individual didn't realise we don't live in thatch cottages and were surprised that everywhere had electricity.. This last one I can assure you is truth for the individual was in my Uncle's car when they expressed their astonishment at just how far we have come in 300 years. :doh:

Ain't life grand!!!

Susan Cope @lilysvalley ·

That is too funny. I would have to agree with the "Top of the morning" person. Of course it would be best if a man said it AND winked at the same time. It's kinda like being in Texas and wanting a cowboy to tip his hat and say "howdy ma'am". But alas, it doesnt happen , 'cept in the movies.

Love ya

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

GAAASSSSSPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek:

Now Bethy, although my Viking ancestry is a well-established fact around here (I'm from Minnesota after all) YOU are aware that my given and maiden name could not be more Irish. You are right. [b][i]THIS[/b][/i] cousin would never be found guilty of saying such things about the "Emerald Isle"!


K :princess:

Andrew Luckhaupt @luckyone ·

Do not crush me and say that you do not wear all green all of the time. My earth would be shattered. I must now go pray for the peace of God to fall on me at the revelation of the coming answer. 😉

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

In the words of Miss Bingley (P&P) "I am all astonishment!" :eek:

Even I, from the nether regions of the world, know that Leprechauns are in the garden. Why, I even have instructions on how to trap a Leprechaun (I found it on an internet site). I haven't made one yet but may be when Irish has finished creating chook houses he might make one for me . be not. I don't want to have to start dealing with possums that inadvertently get c... no lets not go there.

Thatch!!! Thatch!!! You don't have thatched cottages? I must say that I love thatched cottages but may be they are just across the ditch from you, eh?

Ah, Bethy my love, you look positively radiant in green...or is that the sunlight reflecting off of the four leaf clovers ;)

:heart: kb
Eileen Algaze @ladyvogue ·

well well well... I shall hop on a plane and meet me at the airport... I'm going to ireland... where there are Cell phoones... there i will be also... Just kidding. That goes to show you... so many Americans are stuck in a bubble... aint that sad! lol

Eileen Algaze @ladyvogue ·

Ohhh and do the men still wear skirts? Wait is that scotland... oops