stripped back to the wood

Having recently moved house, I decided that the staircase needed a revamp. So i went and bought the varnish needed and the brushes and got ready to go to work on the wood. Unfortunatly hubby came home just as i was about to start and told me that to do it properly i would have to strip the wood to its original,and start afresh. At this point i wished i had not started. Stripping and sanding was too much like hard work for me. But it had to be done so i proceeded to sand,strip,sand,strip(you get the picture).by the time the staircase was finished i was tired, overcome by fumes and in dire need of chocolate. But the staircase looked wonderful. The wood gleamed and sparkled like new. No bumps, no splinters, only handgliding smoothness.
Now you are going to ask where this is going. Well I have been charting my regrowth in Christ on this blog site and over the weekend i realised something (takes me a while to catch on). This may come as a surprise to you but i have issues with pride. maybe not such a surprise to you but it came as a surprise to me. I needed to be stripped of my pride and dignity and stripped right back to the wood of the cross. NoW God is so wise, he used the very thing I fear most. Being noticed. I fear standing out in a crowd. So God made sure that just that happened. there was an incident involving a public bathroom door that should have been locked but with all the grace in the world im not going to tell you what happened. Least to say I was striipped of dignity. But my pride that is something i covet (as in idol).
i went to the mountains at the weekend and decided it would be good to get up early go for a hike and worship God surrounded by waterfalls and trees and things that would take no notice of me. So beth climbs onto a rock, raises (yes you read correctly) her arms and starts to sing "The splendour of the King".
So maybe i was not the only one up early that morning, cause i looked around just to reassure myself i was alone and was met head on by two smiling french tourists.
Abject fear is the first emotion that I had, but the second emotion was of being stripped back to the wood.
there was no dignity in the cross, no pride in the cross. And if this change in me is to be a true change i must allow myself to be stripped, sanded and stripped again until I am brand new. And as i stand here and look at my staircase i am excited because I can't wait to see how i will turn out.

Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·

WOW! That is such an apropo analogy. That refinishing as it were is exactly what God does to us, not just a quick shine up with varnish, but he goes down deep to where we don't look so good. Only to bring us back shining, not with our own glory but the light of Christ. Pride is so insidious and strikes us it such odd places but our God is good at shining His light on it and removing it, in some not so fun circumstances at times :wink:. What a positive way to look at His glorious refinishing project, I, too, look forward to seeing the end results. You are already a beautiful child of God. Blessings! Andrea

Samantha Shemer @youaregolden ·

Awesome annalogy! Sometimes I can just feel God really sandpapering that pride and sin away from me. Thanks for sharing :)
-Golden :flower:

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

Great analogy, striped back to the bare wood. Back to the beginning and a fresh coat.

:coffee: drinking tea

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

It's a wonderful word picture story anology. But I have a problem with idealism. Where we want to go back and make things perfect. It's noble task and some have succes in thier undertaking. But there's going to be problems. The world is less then ideal and you can not strip the world of it's ways. Etiquette can get you into problems. Trying to always be the ideal decipile or the idea wife or the idea employee or the ideal parent. It sounds like a noble task and it is.

In Eccliastes the preacher, Solomon says, do not not be over righteous or over wicked. Meet the problem to a reasonable solution where it is suitable. He adds do not be over righteous why should you died before your time. God only told us to love our neighbor as much as we love ourselves and that' a lot of love. But don't forget that you are also human and will have fallbacks.

Perhaps refinishing the staircase can escape what I'm saying, but when I find an airconditioner motor shot, I buy a new and fix the problem quickly and efficiently. While the self has pride and arrogance and selfishness, there's a self steem you have to protect and not strip away. If proberbs 4:23 it says, with all diligence look out for your hear bacause out of that comes out the issues of life..." Don't strip so much of you for whatever that there's nothing left of you left to give to others and you experience 'burnout'.

I'm not for pride, but there's a certain sense that we should always reserve a sentiment for ourselves so we can always thank God and have Joy in serving him and we can continue with life and let him make you a whole new staircase instead of trying to be on our own strenght 'good' enough for whatever reason. Let God, he is the master craftman in the end. Amen.


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

thanks thbg but what God is stripping me of is not "me". I have begged him to strip me of the things that i have allowed to get in the way of a closer walk with him. I dont want God to make me a whole new staircase i want him to make me the staircase i was intended to be before i dirtied it up. Beth.

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

And i love that you raised your hands in private, only to discover you were in public. LOL. Now you won't be so shy in church maybe :)

Reminds me of the time I was walking the dog in the pasture surrounding my neighbors' vacant mansion. I was telling the dog to stay away from Mrs. Bunny and then I was telling Mrs. Bunny that it was okay, that I wouldn't let the dog hurt her cute little self when I realized there was someone sitting on the front porch of the mansion listening to me talk to the dog and the bunny. Sigh. Perhaps the mansion hasn't sold is because there's a crazy lady who talks to dogs and rabbits . . . .


Grey Warner @day2day ·

LOL...well i am just finding this under "random blog" four years later...very good blog and I love the analogy! i have to admit...I love the stories too! I hope I am chuckling WITH you!! Isn't life funny sometimes? Thankfully those situations were with people you didn't know. It made for a good story for them as well...but you'll always be "that girl on the rock"...etc. Wouldn't it be something if it was such a curious thing that they decided to look into what/who was making the woman sing so passionately on the rock? :wink: Such a good blog...I have to admit I pray for personal changes but then tend not to put the work in that is needed on my end of things...something to think about! the process can seeem so overwhelming and "hard"... :butterfly:


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