take your fingers out of the cassette player

My car is not the most sporty of models,therefore instead of a CD player i have to make do with a cassette player, unfortunately i have only got a few tapes that still play. So anyway i was going to work this morning (the first time in two months after holidays and feeling a little low so i put on my worship tape . Or i tried to put it on. My daughter had the car before me and my tape would not play. If anyone has been reading one of my previous blogs you will know that I have had issues with lifting my hands in worship.. This would have been the perfect opportunity to practice. Anyway the tape would not play so i pushed the fast foward button-still no joy. I pushed the eject button and no tape appeared. Okay at this point a normal person would have realised that there was no cassette in the player. But not Beth. What do i do? I decide to check if the tape is in the player. So driving in heavy traffic during rush hour and not half awake I proceed to stick my fingers into the player.

They got stuck. And to make matters worse I had to change gears using the hand that had disappeared into the stupid machine. And the tape was not there. Tried to ease them out but they stayed there. Tried to wiggle them out but they stubbornly refused to budge. As a last resort i tore the skin off my fingers by ripping my fingers out with force.

Well you may laugh, but as with everything inlife it reminded me of a biblical truth. (and there is a truth in this). If i had kept my fingers out of the machine they wouldnot have been hurt. i sometimes wonder where Eve was when Satan tempted her. Did she hang around the tree of good and evil, did she make herself easy prey to satan by being somewhere she had no business to be? If she was far from the tree would temptation have been as easy. My point is (and there is one), God gave us a brain and we should use it. If temptation is to watch filth on television then cancel cable. If it is unGodly things on the internet, block the site while you are strong so that in times of weakness you will not be tempted. Too often we rely on others to protect us from ourselves and blame them when we fall. But if we kept our fingers out of the cassette player in the first place we would not be hurt.

And i found the tape, my daughter(bless her) had put it in the side pocket.