the empty nest

I used to wonder what my home would be like when the kids left for University .  I used to wonder how I would fill the empty hours and days when I no longer had two girls to run after and clear up after.  How would I cope with not having to act as referee, as confidant, as dictator ( one of the perks of the job),and all the other things that come with being the mother of two girls who are in all honesty as fiery as their mother.     

Actually, and don't be telling them this, I coped terribly well if I'm honest, and I thoroughly enjoyed my empty nest. But like all good things it had to come to an end, and what an abrupt end it came to.  The elder daughter is home after four years of University to write up her dissertation for her Masters in Environmental Environmental engineering, and working part time in a coffee shop to acquire enough cash to pay for her mission trip to South Africa for the month of December. 

The younger girl is home for the summer.  Never  have I wished for the summer to go as quickly as I have this year  sshhhhh .   But it will mean I only have one spitfire in the house instead of two.  

My son on the other hand will quite happily lie of the sofa all day (if allowed), play games on his computer and hack into his sisters' computers to close them down while the girls are working on them.  He may be up to mischief, and let's be clear, I do not condone his tormenting his sisters, but at least he is doing it quietly.  

I love my family (most of the time), plese don't think I don't, but there are times when I yeard for the days when a stern word would quench all rows.  Or the days when I would have waved both girls off to Uni on a Sunday night and and relished in the knowledge that I had peace until the next Sunday morning when they would arrive home in time for Church, lunch, freezer raiding and fridge emptying.  

I know, I know, some of you are appalled at what you are reading, while others among you are quietly nodding your head in understanding and dare I say it...agreement.  

I wonder if God ever feels as I do when he looks at His Family.  But then God's family would never bicker and fight as mine do...would we?

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

:clap: I only had one child but anyone who thinks that a one child household is a quiet household... well... they never visited my mine. He lived at home for the first couple of years of college and I remember early one Saturday afternoon he mentioned he was going to call a few people and cook dinner for a few friends that evening. My husband and I were going out for a few hours but when we returned, we discovered there were about 40 people crammed into our house, laughing, eating and having a wonderful time. We joined them. :mrgreen:

I remember feeling a bit sad standing on the driveway next to his packed car as I watched his father give him a blessing. He was moved by that. However, as soon as his little yellow car zipped off down the road... well... suffice it to say that I have survived very nicely. In fact, he stayed at home during his last semester of college and... hmm... I discovered that "quieter" life was rather nice.

Someday God's family will all be at peace but until then... well... we need to work on it.


K :princess:

Grey Warner @day2day ·

My son is 14 now and must be growing... when he is eating breakfast he asks what is for lunch... when he is eating lunch he asks what is for dinner... when he is eating dinner he asks what is for is never ending! I think I will miss that though when he goes to college. I too have ONE so it will be like a painful bandaid being ripped off my other "kiddies" at home to wean me into empty nesting. I have to admit though...I think "me" time is crucial... I do enjoy a few hours to myself when he is at school! haha

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

I hear Ya Bethy -Big Hugs

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Wait till the grandkids get here they are such fun to spoil and send them home.


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