the thoughts of my heart.

Come with me to a room that is filled with laughter. Come, take my hand and walk with me as I silently observe the joy and fun of a princess party. Listen with me as Gods daughters tease one another and hug one another.

Watch with me as they blow up balloons, and pop party poppers. Wander with me through the many many women who have brought food from all over the world as they celebrate Thanks giving, Christmas,Easter,Birthdays and any other occasion they can invent so as to have a good old knees up.

Now come with me as we observe a different day. Study the caretaker as she cleans up the remains from the last party. Listen to the steady sweeping sound from her broom as she sweeps up the discarded streamers. Follow her as she bursts the last of the balloons so as to make them fit the rubbish bag.

Her footsteps echo throughout the empty room, yet there are other echo's there. The echo of laughter has not quite left. The echo of conversations that only a princess can have with another is still audible if you try to listen. The shadows of days long gone now are still there if you look deep enough in the right place.

Come and walk the room one more time with the caretaker as she checks that all is switched off. Hear her sigh as one by one by one she turns out the lights. As shadows fall around her,look into her eyes and see the sadness there. Listen to the click as she gently closes the door and turns the key, hearing the lock give one tiny squeal of protest as it is abandoned to its fate of rust and neglect.

Now stand outside, wrap your coat around you to keep out the chill, but put your ear to the window. Strain your hearing if you must but listen, listen with baited breath. Do you hear it? Can you hear it? The faint sound of giggling is there, the walls have absorbed it. I hope you absorbed it too.

Goodbye my friend.

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

Bethy, this is a beautiful tribute to a friend.

Thank you for sharing it, my dear friend.

[i]Shalom,[/i] Art

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Bethy... oh Bethy... :cry:

It was soooooooo much fun, wasn't it! The laughter, the prayers... the reminders that regardless of what someone else might tell us... God has transformed us into :princess::princess::princess:... beautiful and precious in His ... even if the reflection in the mirror staring back at them revealed a very sick, bald woman, a woman with deep scars, a frightened woman, a lonely woman, an uncertain woman, etc.

Bethy... we are still :princess::princess::princess:... regardless... we are still :princess::princess::princess: of God!


K :princess:

William Stephens @eschator83 ·

This seems to me the most wonderful glow of Celebration of the Joy of Christian Love. If only everyone could know of this Joy of Christian fellowship (oh, ok, sistership, in this case). Many thanks for this beautiful glimpse--how can we encourage everyone to Love and Celebration of our Christianity and friendship?

This was my primary thought--I wonder if there are more words I have to come up with? In our men's group it says 75 in one place, 200 in another. And you can lose the whole entry if you don't have enough--oh well, here goes...

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

It is so lovely to hear from you. If one can have sistership, can one also have brothership? I dont think that you boys could have gotten into as much trouble as we did. I miss that laughter, I really do.

75 words?? wow, if you as a man had been near our princess group you would not have gotten one word in edgeways, never mind 75 :clap:


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