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Its that time of the year again when Facebook tends to go crazy over the use of words and phrases.  Almost everyone wants me to fill facebook with the words "Happy christmas" and not "Happy Holidays"... I mean, WHY? 

Seriously what difference does it make.  Because if most of those little dictators were honest with themselves they are more interested in the holiday and the presents and the parties than they are the Birth of the Saviour.  Come Boxing day ( sorry USA you lost out there ), for most, the message of christmas will be as far away as sunshine is for the Irish. 

I have to be serious here for a moment, I really dont care what folk call the season.  Its a first world holiday for a first world people.. A time to indulge ourselves and do a little charity work to make ourselves feel good.  Like come on, what is the point in screaming Merry Christmas and yet hardening our hearts to those around us. 

We are constantly using derogatory words to insult those we dont agree with.  We mock them and we pour scorn on them, but seriously the most important thing is to say Merry Christmas , for that really is why Christ died.. isnt it? 


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Tolerance is a word I hear thrown around a great deal and indeed a great deal more than what I heard in my youth. Having said that, it is interesting to note that society seems far more intolerant with each passing year. Unfortunately, we as Christians seem to be following the path of the World in that respect. Sigh... perhaps we need to ask ourselves the question more often, "What would Jesus do?" and when we ask it, answer it honestly.

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