Wondering a piece of string

I wonder do you ever wonder ?  I often wonder quite a lot : I wonder how productive I could be if I actually got up early ? I wonder what it would be like to be truly domesticated ?  I wonder what it would feel like not to have the rush of driving a car constantly on the red mark .  
It's a bit like wondering at the length of a piece of string really . I'm never going to find out if I'm honest with myself . 

There are other things I have wondered : what if I just ...stopped! What if I simply said "no more ", what if I confused 'I can't ' with ' I won't ' , what if I said it's too much ? 
I wonder where I would be . Where you would be ?  When we wonder about these things we are blinded to the one Wonder above all ... Jesus ! 
When we wonder at the glory and the love of God through Jesus we can stop wondering the 'what if's ' and concentrate on the 'what now'.