"turned unto fables", 2nd Tim. 4:4

2nd Tim. 4:4, "And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables".

The context here is in preaching and teaching sound doctrine. The word used for 'fable' is defined in Strongs as G3454; (a tale, i.e fiction ("myth")

If one feels this is somehow bashing , well, then they are among them. We have never before I don't think seen so much time and devotion given to 'fables'. And there are all manner of them. None of them are sound doctrine, which we are given in the New Testament writings. Whether regarding how we got here, as in creation, or where we are going, the fables abound. None of the adherents to fables will submit themselves to the sound teachings of scripture, regarding what was mentioned, creation, or where we are headed future, many of them.

Today folks spend hours on end watching and being entertained by these fables. At the movies, (how many are based on true events?), we want to be entertained by them. On television. The games we buy our children for their electronic games. The books we give them to read, whether at school, or home. Any holiday we may have, we love to introduce these fables.

Now, we got advertisements that make the advertisers loads of money, over nothing more than fables. Pills can make us virile, strong and able as we were in our twenties. Things for our women that will make them young, wrinkle free, and as beautiful as they were in their twenties too. Yep, there are pills and gadgets that will make us all that we dream of. Chemicals we can buy and put in our vehicles that will roll back those mileages, and that vehicle will perform as it did when purchased new.

Toys, that will make our children anything they want to be. A super-hero, a war warrior, a princess, and a host of other things. It is good for our minds, our imaginations, we are told. Healthy. A person is just downright abusing children, and others, if they call it what it is, fables, myths, fantasy.

The troubling thing, about this verse, and the context, is that this is speaking of those who will arise in the church. Yep, read it for yourselves. Children, (I say that seriously), we got folks today running and laughing, crowing, barking, rolling on the floor, all in the name of being moved by the Spirit. The speaker blows into an amplified microphone, and that is the sound of the rushing wind as in Acts. Scripture tells us, in malice, be as children. But in understanding be men. (mature). 1st Cor. 14:20. But if any is ignorant, we are taught in 1st Cor. 14:38, then let them be ignorant. Strongs defines this word used for ignorance here; G50, (not to know (through lack of information or intelligence); by impl. to ignore (through disinclination).

Yes, God gives us that choice. But He desires that we be mature in our understanding. We do not rely on fables, myths, but on every word of God, given to us. It is like unto treasure. A person sells all that they have (themselves), in pursuit of His truths. His word comes alive within them, and changes us, through the power of His Living word, unto the image of Jesus Christ. Pardon the pun here, you gotta look really hard at some, to see any resemblance:).

The work of the Holy Spirit, is to make us unto the image of Gods Son, Jesus Christ. In LIFE. You know, the environment you are in everyday. That is not just a service at church. Or under a tent. Or in the brief service in a home. Or even in a blog. You should be a shining light wherever you are. It should not be hid, when you are in the settings of life everyday, where-ever that may be. This is how the Holy Spirit works, in the life of a believer. Else, the world will turn again and rend you, and trample you underfoot. Your witness will be mockery to them. However you may participate at church.

Does scripture not command us to come out from among the world? What is the meaning there? Obviously Jesus did not desire that we be taken out of the world, this is what He prayed, and told His disciples, yet, we are not to be OF the world. Are we? Is this not, children, why we are so uneffective in the world? Why we compromise. Why we have so many doctrines that we practice, that compromise, with the world? Many feel that the teachings of scripture, changes with the cultures, the time. That is nothing more than a method of being worldly, and justifying it with our skewed views of scripture.

Honestly, in the REAL world, these children are in, day in and day out, nobody can even tell the difference. They are in them, among them, and like them. The worldly. This is modern christendom, much of the time. They were not empowered in Acts, to go out and be like everyone else. I challenge one to show wherein they did. They turned the world upside down, as one testified. They met DAILY. Thus, they lived it daily. It was their life. It shone everywhere. It did not grow dim, that little light of theirs, as they entered into the world ruled at the time, of Romans. And goddesses, and idols. They went out and preached, and witnessed, and lived, Jesus Christ. How many DO now, out in their everyday societies? And, we just argue isms, and ists, and ologies. The Holy Spirit creates new creations, in JESUS CHRIST. He changes people, in their everyday settings. People see it, and this is their own witness to the power of the gospel, and the power of the Holy Spirit, and the power of the resurrection. Yes, they will speak in new tongues. They have new life, in Jesus Christ. This, is the power of the gospel.

So, go on about the daily, yearly, fables, and myths. Many churches will. That means people, who profess Jesus Christ. Maranatha folks.

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

I finally understood what you have been saying about isms, ologies etc. and you are right, none of those things saves anyone. Only the Holy Spirit and God's Word saves. I love the courage of your convictions and the forthright manner in which you proclaim the truth of His gospel. Thank you. Phil

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