What is the purpose?

First blog, nothing old, nothing new, not gonna make a big impact in the world, but for believers hopefully add domething Godly to your day. Why do I come to this site? Well, here are some reasons I did and do. Someone tell me something God has done, is doing, in your life that will give the rest of us inspiration. Someone tell me about a scripture that you have found a new treasure in, something that spoke to you in a special way, it may be what I need to get through the day stronger in faith. One example, while reading in Luke22:54, I noticed the words "Peter followed at a distance". As I read testimonies and see those I know in church, and yes as I review my own walk with the Lord sometimes, isnt that exactly what a lot of christians do? Do we sometimes do as Peter and weep inside our souls because of our own failures, because the Lord has looked upon us as well and we are convicted? I see conviction in my own walk sometimes, but as I read further I see how God used his failing to make him even stronger as he walked with God in later years. Peter would later suffer as a martyr for Christ. All the apostles did with the exception of John. Yet they all deserted Jesus when they came to arrest Him. Let each of us ask ourselves today, how close behind Him, am I, right now. Many go through their daily life following afar off. Many will flee at the first sign of danger, as the disciples did. What I do not want to read about is how bad a condition the church is in, I know that already. The real question is, what am I personally doing to turn that around? Truth is, when you and I stand before the Lord to account for what we did and did not do for Him, that will have no bearing on you and I. Unless we honored Christ through the church, or, brought harm to His work through it. I am talking about the local congregation of believers that you associate yourself with. There is absolutely no scripture you will find that will excuse you from being part of one, that is real anyway. Heb 10:25. Folks, I got news for you, His coming is nearer now than it was then, so what should we be doing? Read it again, no, really read it! We are drawing nearer to the times prophesied in scripture, yet most are doing just as Jesus said. Eating, drinking, planting,selling, building. Luke17:27,28. Ignoring the judgement soon coming, those who are lost. True Christians should be working harder than ever before at witnessing and making disciples, and honoring Him in our daily lives. God is MOST interested in what we are doing, not what we are saying. Many will be one of those spoken of in Matt 7:22,23. Again, God is most interested in what we do. I am still among the working ones, so my blogs will not be as often as I probably should. But I will read the ones on the site often and hopefully give those encouragement who have written. My encouragement here is to give scripture as often as you can to give force to what you are talking about. Heb 4:12 Nothing can be more effective. We are in perilous times, but we are also in times when christians can communicate to others in ways never before possible, and for that I praise God and am thankful. God bless all of you, christian brothers and sisters out there! Maranatha.

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

thank you my brother for this encouraging blog.it's a very refreshing challenge to remain focused.i pray in jesus's name as he moves your heart to read and enjoy not on my blogs but all the other brothers and sisters in christ using the talents and gifts he gave us to reach out to the lost, serve others and extend his kingdom. looking forword to your upcoming blogs. be blessed

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

billyb and brother in the band of spiritual brothers, :welcome:! Glad to have you join us and look forward to your contributions.


Art :reading:

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