A critical situation demands a Godly response

I was reminded last evening of two very important truths which in my case made the difference between me being here this morning writing this blog vs. being locked up in a hospital. I am still sorting out the whys and the wherefores, but one thing is for certain; God does not want us to be ignorant of what the enemy is doing and expects us to take situations to Him immediately and if needed call in others to exercise prayer.

Yesterday was very busy for we had many things to package and ship that had been sold on our online store. It was nearly six pm by the time I got home from the Post Office and the local grocery store. As I stood in front of the dryer sorting through things in a grocery bag, our two dogs (which were standing there happy with tails wagging) suddenly and without warning started to fight with each other.

Suddenly I found myself smack dab in the middle of a ferocious dogfight with visions of one of the dogs accidently biting my leg and due to taking blood thinners, finding myself in a life and death situation. I was screaming at the dogs at the top of my lungs to stop. My wife heard the commotion and came running in to also scream at the dogs and help me get one of them outside.

Evidently the situation produced a rush of adrenalin which is not a good thing for me. Due to my various heart issues, I have orders to try and stay away from anything that would produce a sudden and intense rush of adrenalin, and now I know why. Over the next hour or so, my heart got out of rhythm, I felt like I was having a heart attack and became very weak.

Many years ago when these symptoms arose I would immediately call 9-1-1 or get to the nearest Emergency Room as soon as possible. If I would have done that last evening I know I would have been admitted and would be facing my 26th heart catheterization today with a possible heart by-pass operation and/or other procedures in the coming days. Since I did not believe for an instant this was God's will, I made the decision to fight instead of yielding to panic.

As my wife got ready to take me to the hospital if needed, I sat quietly and prayed not only for myself but the house, the dogs and the entire spiritual climate around us. I rebuked numerous demons which had entered through various construction and repair people and used my power of attorney, the name of Jesus Christ, to demand any and all devil spirits to leave. Per my wife's advice, I called the one person I know in this life who would drop everything and pray for me and what was going on.

Within a very short time, there was a marked difference in my physical situation. Instead of having to go to the hospital for treatment, I was confident all would be well. I called my dear friend back and thanked her for her prayers and despite being a little weak, went on with the evening as planned.

Demons are notorious for using children and pets as an avenue for gaining entrance into our homes. That does not mean our children and pets are evil or “possessed” but rather due to their innocence, they at times provide the transportation needed to get into an otherwise well fortified and protected residence.

The dogfight last evening was simply the manifestation of what had sneaked into our home the day before. Dealing with not only actual demons but the spiritual influence of the devil is no laughing matter. It demands our constant vigilance and quick decisive action when their presence is discovered.

Thankfully I utilized 40 years of spiritual instruction and experience last evening and dealt with the cause of the problems instead of the symptoms. Thankfully I “called in the Calvary” by calling my spiritual friend and partner to pray instead of freaking out and allowing the physical symptoms to dictate my decisions.

Rest assured that if prayer and spiritual cleansing did not take of my physical symptoms, I would have gone to the ER for treatment. But, I believed (and as it turned out, it was true) that the cause of the trouble was spiritual and not physical and demanded a spiritual solution.

I thank God for His revelation, His wisdom and His power manifested last evening. I also thank God for giving me a true prayer partner who could and did race into the situation spiritually to lift my weak arms and help me have the spiritual strength to deal with the situation. I pray that by relating of what took place last evening, it helps someone who may be facing a similar issue in their life. Always remember to take it to God FIRST, call for spiritual backup second and take physical action third.

Thank you for reading and as always, Blessings 2 You!


I am so thankful you are fine.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I am as well. It seems to me I am hearing a great deal about such attacks right now. I can only say that when God is about to do amazing things in our lives, often some very fierce battles take place.

While it didn't involve my heart, (or dogs) I ran into that type of situation just the other night at probably about 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning which is a favorite time of attack for you seem to be "vulnerable". I praise God that He watches over us even while we slumber and sleep and though we may be caught off guard, God is NOT!

I am thinking about the times when I have had the chance to cry out to friends for prayer though the other night I did not. I am very thankful that even when we are "alone", we are NOT alone and God helps us fight the battle.

What I did do though was share what took place afterwards with a couple of people including my husband. I know that these people prayed for me and last night, before I went to sleep, my husband who was not going to bed yet, actually tucked me in :mrgreen: and prayed a prayer of blessing and protection over me. I thank God for a spouse who loves and serves the Lord! The result was the best rest I have had in weeks. :dance:

I am very glad that you are much better!


K :princess:


Thank you for your testimony of victory and the reality of the spiritual war we must fight... fight or fall victim. We all need those who we can call for prayer, those who know the reality of the battle. I have been blessed through all the years to have that one as you have. That one has changed with the seasons but God brought another 'one'. One puts a thousand to flight, two ten thousand.
[quote]Dealing with not only actual demons but the spiritual influence of the devil is no laughing matter. It demands our constant vigilance and quick decisive action when their presence is discovered.[/quote]
May all believers be awakened to this reality and learn their authority in Christ.



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John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

AS has been said we fight and struggle not with flesh and blood as Eph 6 reminds us and your story brings this home - great to know that God watches over us and assist us in our walk - God is faithful and much more aware of the evil ones tricks than we are. I thank God for your discernment also.


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