A few thoughts about "pills" and God's alternative

We are fragile beings.  Even the strongest person can have his body broken into pieces in a moment of time.  Every day in laboratories and medical facilities around the world, attempts are being made and perfected that allow people to live longer, stay physically active later in life and repel the forces of disease that seek to destroy the human body and mind.

It is remarkable that people live as long as they do now days.  But, being brutally honest, the extended life many people enjoy is somewhat fabricated in that it is through the introduction of various drugs and the performance of various procedures.  The advances in medicine may allow people to live longer but there is no drug that enables a person to live forever.

I am acutely and personally acquainted with this topic due to what I have gone through physically and the amount of medication I take on a daily basis.  As much as I hate introducing so many various pills into my body, I know that these medicines helped God heal my heart and give me a few more years in this life. But, that does not mean I have to take all these pills forever.

We take a LOT of vitamins and supplements here at the B2Y ranch.  As thankful as I am for certain prescription drugs that keep my heart running smoothly and my body free from crippling pain; it is the over the counter stuff that has enabled me to crawl back from the edge of the valley of death to enjoy many years of life the medical community said I would never enjoy back in the year 2000.

I believe with every ounce of my being that God let me know many years ago that I needed to take certain vitamins and supplements if I wanted to stay alive.  I believe that God worked through the introduction of herbs and other natural ingredients to provide my body with the ammunition to fight off the various things that sought to destroy it in 1997 and thereafter.

I first heard about Dr. Linus Pauling and his work in Europe 20 years ago.  This man won a Nobel Prize for his discovery that mega doses of vitamin C can stop the common cold virus dead in its tracks.  I have proven countless times over the years that taking 10,000 or more milligrams of pure vitamin C immediately after cold symptoms appear usually knocks it out before it can start.

Dr. Pauling also proved that taking 3-6 grams of Lysine along with 3-6 grams of Vitamin C daily make it nearly impossible to ever have blocked arteries.  Amazingly, I used to follow this regimen faithfully and then got away from the Lysine.  In 2009 I had numerous incidents where I nearly died from plaque buildup.

The point of all of this is that we all know that Jesus Christ is our healer, but we shouldn't forget that in the very beginning God gave us herbs and other natural remedies for our good health.  Almost every culture has learned that certain things in nature fight disease and/or make people feel better.  Why do so few people in the Western world not believe this?  Because of the money made by pharmaceutical companies for starters.

Next to the Bible, I probably know more about vitamins, supplements and other natural cures than anything in life.  As time and circumstances allow, I am going to start sharing from my wealth of knowledge on this subject so as to help others enjoy the benefits that come from using what God has given us naturally to help Him keep our bodies strong and vibrant.

As always, Blessings 2 You!



I didn't know that about vitamin C . I am plagued by the cold, with living in a cold damp climate I'm always dosed.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[quote]The point of all of this is that we all know that Jesus Christ is our healer, but we shouldn't forget that in the very beginning God gave us herbs and other natural remedies for our good health.[/quote]

I am very grateful for the medical knowledge God has imparted to man and that includes helping him learn about things in our environment that will help us when we become ill or contribute to our staying healthy. One of the chemo drugs I took to destroy cancer cells is actually a synthetic version of extract from yew trees. This is true of so many drugs. They are either from plants or they are a synthetic form of those things.

When they were "disarming" my immune system so that cancer cells could be destroyed (your own immune system doesn't recognize them as a threat), I was warned to avoid taking any supplements or even a vitamin. Of course, you still got this from food, LOL, but additional supplements and vitamins would further bolster your immune system to the point it really would counteract the effects of chemo. This is how powerful and beneficial the things you speak of are.


K :princess:

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

I will look forward to these blogs with great pleasure, as I am a firm believer in what is known as alternative healing and in eating fresh healthy non processed food. I have proven this over the years in the treatment of my 'illnesses' and I have a grave mistrust in the drug companies in their peddling of their treatments. But, and it is an important but - these must not replace our faith in God as our healer as he must always be our first port of call and our hope and trust. Otherwise we make ship wreck of our faith.


Billy Beard @billyb ·

One disadvantage of medicines doctors prescribe is that most times they do not heal they only make many conditions more comfortable to live with. The doctor prescribed sodium diclofenate for the problems with my knee and joints. I see ads that recommend some drinks and others pills, that they say help rebuild cartilages and such. I may try. Herbal remedies have been around an awful long time.

My mom thought Vicks vapor rub and that awful oil to drink was needed for everyyything:). Dad believed in wd-40 for the joints. And a good whiskey concoction that would have probably killed weeds, for much that ailed a person. I will read with interest. God Bless Brother. billy

Steve Hurt @serveonlyhim ·

Yes sir if I don't take my few pills a day I may will die in a few months.
Aside from diabetes I am HDL resistant not much to do about that so we're trying Omega 3 and diet.
Unlike many I take vitamin C and get a cold. Maybe the jokes on me there.
Can't take the new rebuild cartilage stuff because nothing is there to rebuild.

I know our Healer, I'm alive today because of prayer and trust in Him.
I've lost 80+ pds and all my counts are well within the healthy range, yet, if I don't do what the Doc says and take advantage of what the good Lord has given us I want be here long to write and share with all you.

The greatest thing I have to fight ailments and age is what I eat and drink. I'll be interested to read what you've learned on your journey.
I pray for your continued long active life, but I may hold off the dancing till we get home.

Your Brother and friend,

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Well, I've just been diagnosed with arthritis in both knees. I'm only in my forties and so I am concerned. I want to be able to play and walk with my hopefully eventual grandkids...not to mention my current kid! My general doctor just scoffs at supplements, etc. He said if I "wanted to" some people felt good with gluocasamine (sp?). Today the orthopedic dr. said that there is nothing that I can take orally food or supplement wise to make the arthritis go away or prevent it from getting worse. Sigh. Good, healthy, low weight, exercise filled lifestyle is the best prescription I am told for management. It would be so much easier to take a pill!
Also, does anyone know of something you could take to dissolve benign internal cysts?

Anyway. I find it hard to believe that there are not healing properties in supplements and foods, etc. Indians used herbal remedies for YEARS. I pulled a scrap piece of paper out to right down the herbal suggestions your doctor told you above in your blog and would you believe the scrap paper was a coupon for supplements? hehe. Is that a sign?

Will look forward to future blogs. Thanks.

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