A few thoughts on why I am not the most popular guy around here

There are many who have ceased reading what I write due to the objection that I am "negative" or "critical". Others have mentioned that they think I need counseling due to lifelong issues that I bring up at times. Still others have simply gotten tired of the relentless blogs written by this B2Y guy.

Long ago I decided to exercise one of the gifts God gave me to be a watchman on the wall. There are plenty of good Christians out there to provide nice uplifting blogs, but there are not too many willing to take the flack that comes with speaking the truth in love, even if it offends someone. I feel many times I have properly done my job if one of my blogs DOES make a person stop and think, even if only for a few minutes about things in their life.

We are all bombarded with so much information daily it is a wonder that we actually digest any of it. We live in an age where one can find any information any minute from multiple sources. For the most part, it has been my observation that most people never slow down and really read or listen to much of anything. They see or hear the words but those words don't make it to the heart.

Sure, I could write a cute little blog every week. Perhaps there is a time and place for such stuff, but it is not what I have been called by God to proclaim. Sometimes we just need to be confronted by the truth even if it makes us uncomfortable.

In re-reading some of my really old blogs, there is one thing that stands out€”I was not afraid to speak my mind even if no one read it or agreed with it. For quite a long time I had the reputation around here of being a "preacher". I always chuckled when someone mentioned that for I never considered myself anything other than a Bible teacher with a specialty in confronting tricky issues.

I would be kidding myself if I didn't acknowledge that it has been a very long time since I have written anything that the community here thought was exceptional. For the most part I blog away and receive my one or two comments per blog. The question I must ask myself is whether I should adjust what I write to coerce comments or just keep writing as I feel led to write. Hmmm, I wonder which one I will choose (Jeopardy song in background).

After all of about two seconds thinking about it, I have decided to keep doing what I have tried to do for two and one half years, and that is to put into print what I believe the Holy Spirit works in me regardless of whether it is popular or not. I just thought I better get this off my chest for the handful of people who still DO read what I write. Thank you.