A heartfelt thank you to our family here at Christian Blog

I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for all of you who prayed for my latest medical ordeal yesterday. At times I feel as though the main reason I am here is to keep everyone's prayer skills sharp. I am sorry that my situation has become one that needs a lot of extra prayer, but it goes without saying that I am deeply thankful that so many of you take the time and put forth the effort to pray for me.

The past five months have been an extreme test of both my wife Beth's and my own faith. Dealing with one medical situation after another for so long has a way of wearing down even the strongest of believers. The drain on time, energy and money these medical emergencies bring gets tiring and produces stress which in turn opens the door for more stress. It is indeed a vicious cycle at times.

I will bounce back, just as I have from all the different maladies that I have endured starting in September. I have no plans to give up or quit fighting. My resolve remains rock solid that no matter what the enemy hurls at me, I will not afford him the opportunity to gloat or celebrate any of his momentary victories or conquests.

I just wanted to let you know that I am taking steps to deal with my current problem in such a way that it will not keep showing up like a angry cat or unwelcomed visitor. Once this contraption is removed from my nose on Monday, I will talk to the ENT doctor about permanent solutions to this problem. It is unacceptable that I should be forced to live daily with the gnawing knowledge that any moment the fountains could erupt and I end up facing a true medical emergency again.

As much as the enemy would love for me to “retire” from writing blogs; it is not going to happen. As much as the enemy desires that I give up and resign myself to living as a sick recluse; it is not going to happen. I have too much to say and too many things to share. No matter what comes next in my life, I am resolved to keep writing and sharing what God places on my heart regardless of how I feel or whether my body wants to cooperate (like today).

Thank you again for standing with us in prayer and reaching out to us with the love of God. The past five months have been brutal at times, but your prayers, love and mutual faith has allowed us to carry on and “keep the faith” . Thank you so very much and we thank God for each one of you.