A message to my friends here at Christian Blog

I usually try and write a blog on Sunday, even when I can't on other days. All I can say is there is a conspiracy of some sort afflicting my body that makes writing a blog challenging. I have developed a pronounced shiver or shake in my left arm. This makes it very difficult to write without constantly needing to replace errors. I would appreciate your prayers as always and I will write a normal length blog as soon as I can. I see the doctor on Tuesday about this problem. Thank you for your patience and prayers.


 Kirk M
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Sarah VM

Lord please settle this shake, heal and strengthen Kirk, restore him.


Standing with you and for you in prayer .


Praying for you my friend.

Les B

In my prayers Kirk.

John B. Abela

Stay strong Kirk!

K Reynolds

I am praying as well!

John Knox

To me your body is reacting to a change that is happening and in this sense I pray that the Lord will protect and guide your through this valley of despair and anxiety for his arm is not too short to hold you close to him. May the Lords face shine on you and give his peace and love.


Kirk M

Thank all of you for your loving thoughts and prayers. They mean so very much to me.


Oh, my Honey oh,my Honey