A new parable teaching an old lesson

Somewhere out in the dark and stormy night, a man crawls on his belly through the briers and brambles searching for the way back home. The only light comes from the lightning flashing around him and the only company he has is the thunder rolling through the hills. If ever the term €œbeing totally alone€ were applicable to anyone, it was this man.

Broken and bruised he slowly moved on, never stopping lest he fall asleep and die. Through pure determination and the intense desire to survive, he refuses to quit and face the inevitable consequences that would come with quitting. His only will is to make it home, no matter what the cost and no matter how long it would take.

With dawn's early light, the man was still moving. Somehow he had survived the impossible situation he was in all night. Somehow he managed to not yield to the overwhelming desire to just stop and rest and sleep for awhile. Somehow he fought through the pains, the hunger and the thirst. Somehow he managed to stay alive to face another day.

With the sunlight came the realization that he had no clue where he was or where home could be. The scenery was unlike any he recognized and there was no trace of human life anywhere. Finally he struggled to his feet to face the stark realization that he was utterly and totally lost. No one could possibly find him for they didn't know where he was. Alone and completely disoriented he now had to add hopelessness into the toxic mix which flooded his thoughts.

Trudging onward through the thick brush, he stumbled upon a rock and slid down into a creek. Upon hitting the water, he suddenly was caught in the current and swept under the surface. Mustering every ounce of strength, he fought for his life and the ability to make it up for air. With unseen forces pulling him down to the watery grave below, the battle seemed lost and his fate sealed.

But then he slipped free from the grasp of the unseen enemy. He shot to the surface and gasped for breath. Before he knew what hit him, he slammed into a huge stone and once again sank in the water. Once again he refused to give up but rather struggled to make it to the surface before it was too late.

Just when he thought the end had surely come and his strength was totally exhausted, he was emptied into a large basin of calm water. As he floated along the surface he noticed someone on the shore. He mustered the remaining strength he had left in his body to make it to him. Upon getting there he was shocked to see it was his father. Somehow he had found him and knew in his heart that his son would make it back to him alive.

The father lifted his son out of the water and started the long process of nursing him back to life. Never once did he question his son as to how he got into the situation he was in and never once did he condemn his son for getting into it. The joy and thankfulness in having his son still among the living far outweighed the questions and concerns associated with his ordeal.

The man was never the same after what he went through. His life was completely changed by the events which had taken place. Gone were the anger, bitterness and venom which used to rule his life. Now he lived each day for what it was€”a gift from God. Instead of taking his father for granted and despising him, he loved his father as only a son whose life had been saved could do. Together, father and son were the two most complete and whole people on earth.

Take from this story whatever you desire and may God grant you the strength to carry on no matter how difficult the times may be. When it is all said and done, our Father will be there at the end of the ordeal to lift us up and love us with His unconditional love.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I have to say, He always has been there for me even in my most darkest, most difficult moments. He always has and I know He always will.


K :princess:

Shirley Hooper @mumbly ·

He has always been there for me too, Praise His Name. I thank Him for the past, and praise Him, for what is to come, because of His amazing Faithfulness.

Nicole Welvaert @sent1 ·

This story was very touching to me, well because I have been going through some very tough trials for many years. I see that man as me at one point and then my husband at another. I am at a point of wanting to give up. I was like that man in the begining of his troubles, I had a very strong determination and the will to "not give up". But now being so battered and worn out in such long suffering, and trials, and battles, I fight with wanting to give up. Not on God, never would I give up on God, but I feel that I need to let go and let the Father pull that man out of the water and to see gone the anger, bitterness, and venom that rules that man's life. It feels foreign to me to let go and just trust God with my situation, because I was so busy and determined to accomplish and attain to the fruits of much labor. I see no fruits at the moment. Maybe they are hidden and will spring forth and knock me over someday.

Thank you for your encouragement. I believe the Father is there to lift us up with His geat love.


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