A plea for prayer--the battle for many rages on

Dear Brothers and Sisters at Christian Blog,

I write you this letter/blog as a way of soliciting your assistance. Many of the strongest people on this site and working on the front lines of the spiritual battle are going through some extremely difficult situations at the moment. There appears to be a breach of the wall of prayer that has surrounded these people day in and day out for quite some time.

I left Monday afternoon around 3:30 on a personal retreat. I was never able to do what I thought I was going to be doing due to the overwhelming need for prayer. I spend hours praying in the spirit last evening, nearly two of them on my knees. The burden was so strong for so many that all I could do was pray. Rarely have I sensed such an urgency as well as a heaviness as last evening.

This morning I spent another prolonged period of time in prayer, and again I was overwhelmed with the burden that accompanies great need among God’s people. Among people I know, just about every single person has been relentlessly attacked in one realm or another recently. Whether physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially or in relationships; the enemy has been working overtime and many of his fiery darts have gotten through the defenses and have caused damage.

There are times when the people of God need to close ranks and stand with each other in prayer in ways far stronger and more intense than other times. I feel that we are currently in one of those times when there are more needs than normal and thus more urgency to pray for each other. Time and again Paul tells the believers he writes to that he prayed for them upon every remembrance.

I am sure when Paul heard about the great tribulation the Thessalonian church was going through, he spent more time praying for them than he did on a normal day. I am sure Paul spent much time praying for the Philippians and others who were being persecuted and afflicted. Paul had a heart to pray and he obviously did it much.

There are so many new people on this site I cannot begin to keep up with all the wonderful believers who have written blogs and comments and joined groups recently. God is truly sending more and more people here because His love and His Word are here. Due to the integrity and uprightness of this site, God has a place He can send those searching for answers, friendship and prayers.

May I urge all of us to redouble our efforts to take the emphasis off ourselves and our needs and spend more time praying for the needs of others. May I highly recommend that you make a habit of checking what and who needs prayers and spending a few minutes daily lifting up the people and situations needing someone to help.

There is an overwhelming comfort in knowing you are being prayed for. There are many right now who need the spiritual support we can offer. Thank you for praying for those whom the Lord puts on your heart.

Blessings 2 You


Isaiah 59:16-21
Let us invite His Spirit to come in the midst of His people on Christian Blog to raise a standard against the enemy.

Father in heaven,
We invite you into the hearts and lives of Christian Bloggers here. You know those who have need of your covering - please cover each one with your precious blood.
Lord you know each one's personal need - spiritual, emotional, physical, relational- come in your own sweet way we ask and please take control of every life as they surrender to you.
We thank You that You are our Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent heavenly Father and that we can ask that Your Holy Spirit will raise a standard against the enemy according to Your Word,and put the enemy to flight in the Name of Jesus we ask.
Let your children feel Your presence in their lives and bring to their remembrance Your Word - the eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms : He shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall say "Destroy them". Deuteronomy 33:27.
Forgive us for our sins of commission and ommission and help us to turn from our wicked ways. Cleanse us O Lord and make us whiter than snow.
Re-energise us with Your Holy Spirit and strengthen us and encourage us with your empowerment. We can overcome by the blood of the Lamb and dear Lord, we pray let it be even though we may have faith the size of a mustard seed for it is not who we are but Who You are that will make it possible.
Refocus our faith to You and not to ourselves for with You all things are possible.
Let us see what You see and help us trust and obey.
Heal us, keep us, guide us, comfort us, strengthen us, empower us with wisdom, discernment and might from above. Help us keep our armour on, which You have given and help us stand for You. Help us glorify Your Name, help us do Your will and bring us from victory to victory till Jesus' comes. All these we ask in Jesus' mighty Name and for His glory. Amen.


B2Y, I totally agree that we need to be in prayer for each other at this minute. Personally I have found the prayer room to be a wonderful asset in my daily life. I find that it only takes a few moments to jump into the prayer room here and pray for each other.. I would highly recommend those who feel led to pray, take a few moments and lift this site and those who use it to God in prayer.
There is no greater privilege than coming to the throne of Grace and mercy on behalf of someone else.
May God give us strength to be a ministering people here.

Billy Beard @billyb ·

I too will be praying for those who are part of this community here. I have been praying much lately, I sense an urgency for my service and all Gods people to realize our responsibilities God has given to each of us, if we neglect we have not given our all, time is drawing near, we cannot be complacent any longer. Our ONLY strength is through Almighty God, God hear! May we all repent of anything that is in your place. Through Christ Our Lord, Amen. Now let us all enter that closet, that place where we are alone with God, and be real with Him who knows more than we, what we need, and drink, and be fed!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Yes, there is an urgency to pray like we've never prayed before. The prayer room here has been busy as well! Let us pray one for another!


K :princess:

Benjamin Foulks @galahad ·

Amen and Amen to all that has been said!! Let's ante up and kick in!


Dear b2y--The Spirit in you must have piqued your sensitivity to the needs here at CB. Just in the relatively small number of contacts I have here, I know of many crises of many sorts. So, let's pray. :) YBIC--Ron

Lord God, I stand in agreement with b2y and all who commented here concerning the deep needs there are here at CB. And I especially stand in agreement with ptl2008. There are those with medical/physical needs, some with financial needs, more with relational needs and all of us with spiritual needs in this warfare we all signed into when we received Your Son as our Lord and Savior. We agree that we want You to withhold permission for the enemy to inflict more torment than what You know will grow us up into more intimacy with Yourself. Nevertheless, not our will but Yours be done. We trust that whatever adversity You allow is for our longterm well-beling, though it involves shortterm inconvenience and discomfort. Lord, when we consider what Jesus endured for our benefit against what we experience, we cannot honestly say we know pain and suffereing--only inconvenience and discomfort. Help us to be mature enough to accept whatever You allow or cause to be in our lives. May we always find words of praise no matter the situations in which we find ourselves. And may we live out 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 in all circumstances. In Jesus' name and to Your glory. Amwen

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

strapping on the Armor of God, honing the Sword of the Spirit

I agree completely with the need for prayer for those here and and elsewhere in our lives. In blogs, in discussions, in groups, prayer requests and the prayer room, we are asked to be a busy lot. My mailbox is also full of requests for assistance or guidance.

Sometimes, instead of reading or writing here it is just a time to pray... may we kneel together to do so.


Art :reading:

Lee Chung @leeinnyc ·

Hello Blessing2You. I agree that there is definitely something going on. Could you elaborate on "breach of the wall of prayer?" I am in complete agreement that the people of God need to pray (and read the Bible). Personally, I've been praying a lot more since late last year but I confess that I need to read the Bible more. The above prayers are very encouraging!

Dear Father,
Give us a spirt of power, and love and a sound mind. We ask you to cloth us with power - power to grow in grace and to take up our identity as children of God; and that we not believe in the lies of the enemy but be established in the truth. We thank you for your protection and claim the promises of Psalms 91. I ask you, Father, to intervene on behalf of those experiencing darkness; please make known to them the love of Jesus. May your love sustain, strengthen and revive them. I pray that you fortify our minds with the truth; keep us in the way, the truth, and the life. We know, Father, that the evil one will not prevail over your people and that you keep us in the shadow of your wings. Hold us in the palm of your hands and in the arms of Jesus.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Ruth Papalii @deanna ·

Amen! Yes Jesus Christ we come with Your blood, we pray that the enemy will see Your blood and the demonics and they will flee from this site.

We ask You "HolySpirit," that You will see this attack on the People and that You will help each christian to Put the Armor of God on everday! and for the young ones that you would put a hedge of Protection around them to keep them safe for we do not fight flesh and blood but the principalities and darkness of this world In Jesus Christ Name.

Lord! We thankyou for this site and know that Your Spirit is moving that is Why? the enemy is fighting because He knows People on this site is getting touched left; right; and centre through Your HolySpirit.

We Pray "HolySpirit," that if anyone gets hurt on this site they would be bold enough to go to the Person and say you have hurt me, so that the other person can get it Right! Lord in Jesus Christ Name instead of holding grudges, before they go to the altar and give thy gift. Lord forgive!~ me if I may have offended anyone on this site Lord! in the Name of Jesus Christ. I repent before You Lord.

Father God! You are the God Who? sees. I Pray that all witchcraft; and evil that has come over this site would be revealed Lord and you would cause them to flee, that Your Ministring Angels would be watching over this site and that You would pour all your blood and anointing and Peace on this site and even as we Speak! this site will bring Glory to Your Name all the way through it, I Pray that all backbiting! gossiping about Members on this site would be rebuked. In Jesus Christ Name and it would not affect the children of God. I agree! with all my brothers and sisters on this site and Pray You will always be with eachother, and that You will lift the Leaders on this site and that everyone that comes on this site will feel Your Power! by "Your Spirit saith the Lord." and they would feel Your anointing! and Your Wisdom and Understanding.

I Pray that You would give each Person on this site Your Wisdom and Understanding of how? to answer everyone that is seeking You Lord.

We all unite one to another In Your Name Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God. Thankyou! Jesus Christ that You came down on this Earth in the flesh of Man to die on the cross for our sins. In your mighty Name Amen.

Your sister in Christ.

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