A word of reproof for all of us

Since everyone loved Phil's reproof blog, I figure it is time for me to write for the first time since 2008 (for which I got kicked off the site for a week). I do not like writing these blogs but it is obvious in God's Word that there are times when God's people need more than doctrine. Many of us love to write doctrinal blogs because they are “safe” . Except for differences of opinion in doctrine, these blogs rarely step on anyone's toes (except for my ill advised blog on the so-called Gap Theory).

The hardest thing for any of us to accept in life is reproof. Most of us follow the same path Saul did in 1 Samuel 15 when he was reproved by Samuel. Denial, shifting of blame, self-justification and rejection of the Word of God are just some of the classic ways that Saul ended up with him being stripped of being king and Samuel ordaining David to take his place. Saul was utterly incapable of accepting the truth as it was told to him by Samuel. He was far more interested in protecting his own image and integrity than accepting the integrity of God's Word.

So what do I have to say that falls in the category of reproof? For the seven and one half years I have been on this site, there has been a conflict between the expressed will of the owner of this site (John) that this be predominantly a BLOGGING site and the expressed will of some members to turn it into a social media site. When the members have not gotten their way, they have bolted and devoted their time and energy to Face Book or some other site that is only interested in “fluff” . Over the years, we have lost countless people who used to blog faithfully but grew tired of the work and time it took to write a blog and chose to take the easy way out on social media sites.

Let me tell you this; I am NO FAN of any social media. Although I am a member of one, I do not participate and for the life of me I do not know why I am even there. I have no interest in just goofing off, reading about silly subjects, seeing countless pictures of people and their kids etc. My interest lies in the Word of God and in feeding and praying for God's people. Christian Blog has a wall whereby people can talk about different things. Christian Blog has a chat room for more detailed or private discussions. What Christian Blog does not seem to have is more than a handful of people willing to write blogs.

I feel guilty seeing almost all the sponsored blogs be my own. I feel sick when I see maybe two or three blogs written each day other than my own. I fear that someone who visits this site must think this Kirk guy is an egomaniac who wishes to dominate and control the site. These statements are absolutely not true and if I need to take a break from blogging as I did last September (it is hard to blog when one is unconscious) and October; I will, for the sake of the site. What I would prefer is that others start consistently writing substantive blogs again. This site needs you!

Obviously this is a burning issue with me to post a blog on a Saturday. I have not posted on Saturday in five years. I just want to see the Word of God burn again on this site like it used to. I want to see members writing blogs and reading blogs again instead of just posting a wall comment here and there. I want to see Christian Blog be just that; a place where Christians post blogs and Christians can find good quality blogs to read and be blessed by.

We are living in terribly dark times. God only knows how long we have until the tidal wave that Phil speaks about crashes over Western society and pins Christians against the wall of unbelief. Those of us who love God and are devoted to His Word need to remember that if we do not stand up and speak the truth, the truth will be trounced under the feet of those sold out to the enemy.

Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind and I am sorry if I offended anybody with this blog. But in my mind, it needed to be written to remind me and you of what we are here on earth for. I leave you with this thought: If the Lord spoke to all of us and sad we have one month left before we either die or He returns, would we spend that month living as we just spent the last month? Food for thought.

P.S. I am as guilty as anyone in these matters, but my area of reproof is comments. I am resolved to be more diligent in leaving real comments on as many blogs as possible.