A word of reproof for all of us

Since everyone loved Phil's reproof blog, I figure it is time for me to write for the first time since 2008 (for which I got kicked off the site for a week). I do not like writing these blogs but it is obvious in God's Word that there are times when God's people need more than doctrine. Many of us love to write doctrinal blogs because they are “safe” . Except for differences of opinion in doctrine, these blogs rarely step on anyone's toes (except for my ill advised blog on the so-called Gap Theory).

The hardest thing for any of us to accept in life is reproof. Most of us follow the same path Saul did in 1 Samuel 15 when he was reproved by Samuel. Denial, shifting of blame, self-justification and rejection of the Word of God are just some of the classic ways that Saul ended up with him being stripped of being king and Samuel ordaining David to take his place. Saul was utterly incapable of accepting the truth as it was told to him by Samuel. He was far more interested in protecting his own image and integrity than accepting the integrity of God's Word.

So what do I have to say that falls in the category of reproof? For the seven and one half years I have been on this site, there has been a conflict between the expressed will of the owner of this site (John) that this be predominantly a BLOGGING site and the expressed will of some members to turn it into a social media site. When the members have not gotten their way, they have bolted and devoted their time and energy to Face Book or some other site that is only interested in “fluff” . Over the years, we have lost countless people who used to blog faithfully but grew tired of the work and time it took to write a blog and chose to take the easy way out on social media sites.

Let me tell you this; I am NO FAN of any social media. Although I am a member of one, I do not participate and for the life of me I do not know why I am even there. I have no interest in just goofing off, reading about silly subjects, seeing countless pictures of people and their kids etc. My interest lies in the Word of God and in feeding and praying for God's people. Christian Blog has a wall whereby people can talk about different things. Christian Blog has a chat room for more detailed or private discussions. What Christian Blog does not seem to have is more than a handful of people willing to write blogs.

I feel guilty seeing almost all the sponsored blogs be my own. I feel sick when I see maybe two or three blogs written each day other than my own. I fear that someone who visits this site must think this Kirk guy is an egomaniac who wishes to dominate and control the site. These statements are absolutely not true and if I need to take a break from blogging as I did last September (it is hard to blog when one is unconscious) and October; I will, for the sake of the site. What I would prefer is that others start consistently writing substantive blogs again. This site needs you!

Obviously this is a burning issue with me to post a blog on a Saturday. I have not posted on Saturday in five years. I just want to see the Word of God burn again on this site like it used to. I want to see members writing blogs and reading blogs again instead of just posting a wall comment here and there. I want to see Christian Blog be just that; a place where Christians post blogs and Christians can find good quality blogs to read and be blessed by.

We are living in terribly dark times. God only knows how long we have until the tidal wave that Phil speaks about crashes over Western society and pins Christians against the wall of unbelief. Those of us who love God and are devoted to His Word need to remember that if we do not stand up and speak the truth, the truth will be trounced under the feet of those sold out to the enemy.

Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind and I am sorry if I offended anybody with this blog. But in my mind, it needed to be written to remind me and you of what we are here on earth for. I leave you with this thought: If the Lord spoke to all of us and sad we have one month left before we either die or He returns, would we spend that month living as we just spent the last month? Food for thought.

P.S. I am as guilty as anyone in these matters, but my area of reproof is comments. I am resolved to be more diligent in leaving real comments on as many blogs as possible.

 Kirk M
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Phillip Jones (@asifbyfire)

I am so thankful for your blog, even on a Saturday, just to say, "Thank you," again, Phil

Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@kraftykatz)

This is the first blog I have read since my return. I have not written a blog in some time. I have not even written a poem since the end of last year. I enjoyed reading this Kirk.

Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@kraftykatz)

This is the first blog I have read since my return. I have not written a blog in some time. I have not even written a poem since the end of last year. I enjoyed reading this Kirk.

Dorothy Von Lehe (@revgenlink)

Kirk, Thank you for this blog. I, too, have noticed the decline in the writing of "blogs" and it is sad that many have stopped posting blogs here on CB.

I am one who ministers a lot on Facebook now. And, for the most part, I use it to minister to friends and to as many people as I can. I don't use it much to socialize.

I am sad that I seem to have lost the desire to post often on CB. I can name reasons for this. To become engaged again, I do not know if it will happen.

My zeal to share the truth of God's Word and to serve Him has not declined, but, has moved in a different direction. Now, I am heavily involved in leading Bible Studies and offering programs for children at church and in my communities. I am about to take on a major campaign to raise funds for the building and planting of a church in a poor village in Pakistan. God's ways of doing things is both interesting and amazing.

Very much, I do miss others who were once bloggers on this site. I pray that there will be a renewed interest. CB offers an excellent venue for sharing God's Word with many. It has been and again can be a vital "Christian" site. Especially in these, the last of days.

Blessings to you,

K Reynolds (@kreynolds)

I have to admit that I love the social aspect of CB. I always have and indeed, I believe that without that component, this would not be a blogging community. We may pray for others without being in relationship with them and do so diligently but we WILL walk the floor (or lie on it) in prayer for them when we are truly in community with them. That being said, CB first and foremost is a blogging site.

While I love to post on the Wall, chat with people and pray, while I love to laugh with my CB friends, I too am saddened by the lack of blogs by many active members. I have not blogged much over the past couple of months due to my time and attention being demanded elsewhere due to a family situation. That looks like that will soon be coming to and end, if not already and I can resume more writing much again. I miss it.

As of this morning, I have published 1,965 blogs. I am a long ways behind you but I do believe that I am still by far, the member closest to catching up with you, B2Y. :wink: I have made nearly 5,844 comments. Make that 5,845 comments once I post this one. Those are not wall comments. Those are blog comments. I am saying this so that people reading this comment will know that when I say I believe blogging/commenting on blogs is important, it is not just talk. I love to read what people are thinking and feeling. I love hearing about their lives, what God has taught them, what He has laid on their hearts to teach others, their victories and even their struggles. I come to know them or know them better through all of these things and in many respects, it helps me come to know God more as well.

I do not want to lose the social aspect of CB. I think it is important, but I don't want it to take precedence over blogging. Never.


K :princess:

Sarah Vm (@godissogood)

Well, this is the second warning in as many days about the use of CB as a social media site, and is duly taken as such. I sincerely feel that both have targeted me even though I made absolutely clear last week the exceptional circumstances - and even asked for prayer for them, because being alone is something I find extremely difficult and scary - reasons I don't wish to share in a public space.

So, I would also like to offer my apologies to you as I did to Phil for the noise pollution. I appreciate that the notifications must have been annoying.

I would however like to clarify two further points:

  1. that I do not use any "social media" other than CB and 2. that I agree with you - it is not a productive use of time, outside of when people are extremely isolated, lonely, housebound, etc. In which case I maintain my viewpoint that it is a blessing and sometimes a lifesaver.

I would then like to add that there are those who use a blogging site primarily to read blogs, and those who primarily write. On the last 'appeal' for new blogs I sat down and wrote two. However it seems that I need to point out how, for some of us, free time tends to crop up in very short or broken blocks: those people working full time or with small kids; in my case, unlike the majority of others on CB, both not to mention other commitments. The longer blocks of free time for study of the Word, I prefer to spend actually reading my Bible. This leaves me, in the main, with the option of reading blogs, and writing wall and blog comments.

I have published 44 blogs and 621 comments - 622 including this one. That means that for every one blog I have written, I have taken the time to read, think about and respond on 14+ others. Read many others on top of that. We all serve the Lord in different ways and there is no measure of what ratio of blogs to comments is correct. However the point is taken about the social media aspect, which ought not to take centre stage.

God bless, Sarah

Kirk M (@blessings2you)

Again, as I have tried to say in different comments; if the shoe fits wear it. If not, don't try to squeeze your foot into it. Of course I was not talking to or about you Mark. You write tons of blogs and faithfully leave comments galore. In no way, shape or form was I talking to or about you in this blog. Keep up the great work brother.

Kirk M (@blessings2you)

Obviously I did a horrible job in communicating what I was trying to say in this blog. Unlike last week's blog I will not delete it, but I will say that I am sorry I did not communicate better that I was speaking to no one in particular and probably to people who I don't know if they still even come to this site. As evidenced by my blog the other day about being a huge fan of Christian Blog, I find myself struggling to understand how to make this place more vibrant and a blessing to people. Unfortunately, in this blog I failed to point out historical facts and that many of the current problems took years to develop as people found all sorts of good reasons to stop writing blogs, commenting on blogs, being active in prayer or even the wall. They just drift away and once they do, they very rarely come back. I am horribly sorry for causing any of you, the faithful believers at CB, any undo stress or turmoil. That was not my intent.

Things such as the wall and chat room are here for a reason and that is to quickly communicate whatever is on one's heart. I am a HUGE FAN of this and in no way was I trying to say otherwise. All I was striving to say was that I hope and pray someone writes blogs too.

In this, my second attempt in 71/2 years to write something resembling "reproof", I have learned that it is a fruitless adventure and I do not plan to do it again. I will resume doing what I do best and that is writing blogs. I apologize for trying to be the self appointed prophet of CB and I request others feel the same way. Any reproof should come from the owner of the site and to him I apologize for causing any trouble.


Les Braswell (@doneuntotheleast)


Thank you for this message. As time from work, family, and th Lord directs ... it is my joy to blog on CB! I yearn to share the things God is teaching and showing though He constrains to first have it apart of my life before the ability/credibility in His power to share.

I am so grateful for not only John but you as I could spend 15 minutes writing the names of the many who contribute the power of Christ through his word on CB. I with you belong to no social media sites (our biz uses FB for 'free advertisement') and no desire to do so. If I desire superficial relationships with acquaintances, those can be had with little time or no trouble from the general population around in a physical/temporal standpoint. No need to waste time in cyberspace on that ...

Enough of my soapbox. Thank you and bless you brother.

In Him,