All praise to God who is our life and reason for living

[blockquote]Good morning Heavenly Father. Thank you for another day to love and serve you. For all you have done and continue to do for me my heart is filled with gratitude and humble adoration. You are the one true God, the creator of heaven and earth. All praise and honor is yours for you are indeed, Almighty God . Without your grace and mercy I would have surely perished long ago. Your love and goodness sustains me. To you I owe my very life and my life belongs to you for you have paid the price to redeem me. Thank you for all you are, all you have done and all you will continue to do through and in your Son Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I love you .[/blockquote]

The sooner we come to realize we are absolutely nothing without God is when we are released from the bondage of self will, self satisfaction and self dependence. Once released from the burden of being our own provider, master and savior, we can bask in the freedom that resides in fully trusting God to be our sufficiency and Redeemer and Lord.

We are nothing without God’s abounding grace. We have nothing without God’s abundance in our lives. We can do nothing without God’s power and strength. God is our reason for living and our reason for being. In Him we live and move and exist.

[blockquote]Almighty God, you are the one who fashioned me out of the dust of this earth and breathed into me my very life. It is your life which allows me live. You are the one who brought me from death unto life. Oh God, I would have no life without you. Oh Father, my life is not my own for you have paid the price to rescue me from sin and death . With all my heart I praise you this glorious day. With all my heart I unabashedly proclaim my wholehearted love for you. With all my heart I lay down my pride and selfishness at your feet, and beg you forgiveness for ever thinking I could live without you. Thank you for your forgiveness, mercy, grace and love. I am truly humbled to be called your son and to call you my Father. In Jesus name, Amen .[/blockquote]
With all of our hearts our daily cry should be one of humility and thanksgiving. With all of our hearts we should bow down before the creator of all that is good and thank Him for calling, saving and blessing us with life and the means to live it for Him.

We try so hard to do it all ourselves. We try so hard to prove how strong we are. In reality, God wants us to lay down our pride at His feet and be clothed in His grace, mercy and love. God lovingly desires that we allow Him to be our strength, our refuge and the love of our lives and joy of our hearts.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I've had a rude awakening over the past two of years. So often I have convinced myself that I am trusting in God when in reality... I'm plotting and planning, trusting in my own strength or the strength of someone else. I will get up from my knees and think, "Now I could do this and if that happens, I can do this and then..." convincing myself that it was the Holy Spirit guiding me but in reality... it was just me trying to fix things.

Yes, the Holy Spirit will guide us and yes, we can get sudden inspiration but when the Holy Spirit is guiding us there are no Plans A, B, or C. There is simply "God's Plan". It is time to "let go and let God".


K :princess:

Dwight Alight Davis @justalight ·

Amen! Another keeper my dear brother.


Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

Well written blog Brother !!

God Bless You Immensely !


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