Ambassadors for Christ (not His police)

Is boldness to be equated with being obnoxious? Is the willingness to speak the Word of God fearlessly to be equated with being calloused or uncaring? Is being a witness to your faith the same as publically denouncing the faith of everyone else?

When I checked my e-mail this morning I saw that I had about 25 new comments on my blogs. Immediately I knew what that meant and after going to the first one, my suspicions proved to be correct. Overnight, someone had bombarded as many blogs as they could find with the same message which sought to cause Christians to question their faith and correspondingly - their God.

Thankfully the mechanisms in place here at Christian Blog caught what was going on and eliminated the comments and the person from the site. Among the things I thought about afterwards was the thankfulness in my heart for the oversight provided by this site which prevents obnoxious people from hijacking it or placing a quiver of fiery darts throughout the site.

I also thought this morning about the level of intensity some people feel compelled to manifest when they present what they believe to be true. There is no provision made by such people to promote give and take or open discourse. Instead, the “my way or the highway” mentality demands all opposing views be rejected and cast aside.

We have not been called to cram the Gospel of Jesus Christ down the throats of those who do not know or believe it. We have not been given the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God, to threaten or behead those who do not believe as we do. Christianity is NOT a vicious faith which necessitates overthrowing the faith of another. Christianity is NOT a violent faith forced upon people against their will.

Christianity is the only faith built upon love, forgiveness and humility. Christianity is the extension of everything Christ represents and the continuation of His message which has at its core the love, mercy and grace of God. The era of the Crusades should have confirmed forever that Christianity cannot be forced upon people through physical conquest.

If, and when Christians understand the “rules of engagement” in our faith, there would be a complete change in the way Christianity is promoted and therefore understood. We are to hold forth the Word of truth and those that are hungry will respond. God respects people's freedom of will and God respects the choices people make, both good and bad.

Our job is to lay out what the Word of God says. Those who hunger and thirst for the truth will be drawn to God as we manifest the love of Christ as His ambassadors. As ambassadors we are to represent the one who sent us. As Christ's ambassadors we are to be as He is and do as He would do. As we do this, our very lives become a witness for Christ.