An alternative view to what took place in Pakistan the other day

Let me say at the beginning that what I write here will deeply upset many people. I am sorry if it does but I feel compelled to present a few things that will run contrary to the prevailing attitude of the moment.

From a military point of view I totally understand the mission that resulted in the death of the world s most wanted fugitive. From a social point of view I totally understand the euphoria that swept across the United States as news of the "assassination" spread. From a revenge point of view I totally understand the overwhelming sense that justice was served.

It is not that I do not understand these things, for I do. My problem lies in the fact that none of them line up with the way Jesus Christ taught us to think or act. Jesus taught us to love our enemies. Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek. Jesus taught to bless them which persecute us. Jesus severely reproved Peter for using the sword to cut off the guard's ear.

It is well documented that with the exception of the Apostle John, all the great leaders of the First Century died horrific deaths as martyrs. Never once is there any record of any retaliation or resistance being offered by those apprehended and murdered for their faith. Never once is there any reference to mounting a mission with the sole purpose of eliminating a Caesar, Roman military leader or High Priest. I am sorry, but the Word of God is silent on these matters in the NEW TESTAMENT.

The Old Testament is full of "blood and guts". There are battles mentioned throughout its history. The children of Israel had to militarily capture the Promised Land. Great men of God such as David were men of war whose very purpose was to kill the enemy. If we were still living in the Old Testament I would completely agree with the concept that we must have a strong military and "take out" evil men whose reason for living is found in killing others.

The popular belief among many Christians is that it is allowable and recommended to kill criminals for evil crimes. The basis of this is found in Old Testament law. The popular belief among many Christians is that God encourages countries to have large armies and whenever an evil person rises to power, to use those armies to attack and destroy them. Again, this belief is based on Old Testament accounts.

I hate to rain on everyone s parade, but there is one huge question we must ask right now and it is whether we live in the Old Testament of New. If we are still living in the age of The Law where the emphasis of everything is purely physical, then we should spent trillions of dollars to have the biggest and best armed forces in the world. If we are living in the New Testament Jesus ushered in, we should use those trillions of dollars to feed the hungry, help the downtrodden and other things under the heading of "charity".

I do not mourn the death of an evil man responsible for the senseless deaths of thousands of Americans ten years ago, but I refuse to join in the choir of those celebrating his death either. My only prayer is that what took place in Pakistan does not end up causing more terrorist attacks as the never ending cycle of retaliation of those living in the "eye for an eye " persuasion progresses.

Daniel Reynolds @amuse ·

B2Y, I like you have found myself disturbed and uncertain of how to feel in the last 48 hours. I feel like this is a smoke screen for other things, and when I watched our commander in chief deliver his speech, I saw nothing but death in his eyes. For now, I'm thankful-- but frustrated that murder was covered up with a tacked on , "one nation under God with liberty and justice for all". And of course, bracing for the shockwave.

Steven Neundorf Ii @redneckphilosopher ·

Question: If your daughter was molested by a robber would you not call for justice? There is a difference between justice and revenge. Revenge is the Lords but hasn't God given us the duty to defend the weak and those who are unable to defend themselves? Edmund Burke said: "All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." If violence is not the answer and we can't sit on our hands than what should we do? Would you not stop the man from molesting your daughter by any means possible? God was going to meter out justice to Osama Bin Laden one way or another, who is to say that this wasn't the way He chose to do it?

Daniel Reynolds @amuse ·

What makes this man's death just? Is one life worth 3000? Turning the other cheek means making it so that one who would do you harm cannot do so. I have a hard time believing that they could not apprehend the man and take him into custody. Am I glad he's gone? In part, yes-- but I cannot celebrate the death of a man. I felt the same way when Saddam Hussein was executed. Would I stop a man from rapping? Absolutely, but I wouldn't throw a party in the streets to mark the occasion. The issue here is the spirit in which everything is being handled. Is it justice simply because the president of the United States says it is? Morality always goes back to God the Father who is ALWAYS just I didn't hear anyone confirm that this was an order from on high. Any death, especially the death of someone as lost as Osama Bin Laden should be mourned. He's another soul that will forever be separated from the presence of God, another creation that shared a spark of the divine that is forever damned. That is something worth mourning. Not only did the man commit wickedness in life, but he will never have redemption or restoration.

Roger Ahan @rahanonu ·

the simple fact that he died without knowing the everlasting salvation of christ, is as pointed out above, something to mourn about. For who are we to celebrate at one of christ's lost sheep being killed. But we should all be comforted in the fact that in the end true justice from the truly just will be excercised at judgement day.

Daniel Reynolds @amuse ·

Well said Rahanonu-- I don't know that I could have put it a better way.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I have been thinking about this blog for awhile...

I agree. Truthfully, I believe that Jesus grieved over the actions and ultimate suicide of His betrayer, Judas Iscariot, just like He grieves over our sins and longs for us to repent of them and be forgiven. If we as Christians believe that God loved the WORLD so much that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins, than we must believe that Christ died not just for us but for this man too.

In Psalm 51, David declares that when he committed adultery, his sin was against God... and God alone. We may view it differently. We may look at Bathsheba's husband whose innocent blood was shed and say, "No, he was sinned against." but that is not what the Bible says. Ultimately, all sin is against God!

I am glad that this person will no longer be able to order the killing of others. I am grieved at the loss of so much life at his hands. However, I am also grieved at the destruction of a human being who due to the choices he made, died without Christ. I cannot help but wonder what sort of impact he could have made in this world had he chosen to follow Christ. To me, this is a tragic monument to the fact that we need a Savior. Every single one of us and we need to remember, but for the grace of God... that could have been us!

K :princess:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

well, the last 4 days ,i've been in too much physical pain to concentrate on what was on the news. i'm sad that he didnt know the jesus that i know.. nuff said be blessed

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Thank you all for your thoughts on this topic. If it were not the only news out there in the world this blog would not be needed. I feel it very important that as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ we not get all caught up in the emotions people of this world feel about things.

What took place in this country on September 11,2001 forever changed this country and the attitudes of most people. I pray what took place in Pakistan will at least put to rest this morbid saga and not mark the beginning of another one.

Thank you,

Billy Beard @billyb ·

B2Y, I don't have much to add. Good subject. Sadly, we do need protection from all the evils in the world, and God has ordained such. None would just let the thief enter and take what they like, if they knew he was coming. Yet, no army is great enough to stop all the Osama Bin Ladens, others step in when they are gone. I do not believe that God wants mankind to choose evil as they do, God wants all to seek and find Him, through His Son Jesus Christ.

No, I did/do not celebrate his death. Justice will always be done, however, in the end, as God ALONE is just, and He alone will judge in true righteousness. That ought to make all people fear, but sadly it does not. The One that all should definitely fear, and many do not. It was good that Obama said 'one nation under God', but I fear it was more political than sincere. If sincere those in political positions would live and govern much differently for sure.

God Bless Brother. Sorry was late. billy


I ain't among them celebrating either. Nothing really more to say, Thank you for sharing and God Bless you richly, Brother Kirk and Blest! Dave

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