An introduction to "faith"

When God says something, it is considered to be His Word. When God gives His Word regarding something it is infallible and cannot be broken. If God says the sea is going to part, then it is going to part no matter how impossible it seems. If God says one small cloud will produce enough rain to break a seven year drought, it will happen. If God says it, that should settle it for He cannot go back on His Word for He is not a man that He should lie.

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is full of records showing the struggle men and women have gone through as they seek to believe the Word of God. Sometimes they succeed and many times they fail in their attempt to break through sense knowledge limitations to accept, believe and walk out on the promises of God.

The Bible is also full of records which give us a glimpse of the process by which one arrives at the point of faith in the Word of God. As humans, we all go through various stages of disbelief, denial and distraction as we seek to "walk by faith and not by sight". Peter may have been the only mortal man to walk on water, but countless others have been told by God to do things equally as challenging and to the senses impossible.

As humans we tend to look at the promises of God through our physical eyes and instead of seeing the promise of what is available, we see all the reasons it cannot possibly work. Instead of seeing how with God s help His Word can come to pass, we look at our own feeble nature and get dejected as we see there is no way out or no way something can happen.

When all the army of Israel compared themselves to Goliath, they of course ran away in fear due to their inadequacies, shortcomings and weaknesses. This is why the record of what that ruddy young man David did is so astounding. He refused to compare Goliath to himself but rather he compared that giant of a man to GOD. In so doing this, he realized that Goliath was nothing but a gnat compared to the power and might of the Almighty.

As we confront the seemingly never ending challenges confronting us daily in the physical, financial and emotional realms; we need to pause and instead of comparing them to our own feeble state, we need to compare them to God. Faith, as we will see in upcoming posts, is the ability and willingness to trust in the Word of God and in so doing remove the crutch of self sufficiency.

Now, more than ever before it is vital that we realize how totally incapable we are of meeting our own needs and how fully capable God is to take care of us. Whatever challenges lie before us, when compared to God they are nothing but a buzzing gnat.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I like how you said that, B2Y in regards to David. [quote]He refused to compare Goliath to himself but rather he compared that giant of a man to GOD. [/quote] I cannot help but think how often I compare the "giant" I am facing to myself and when I do so, I am overwhelmed. But when we compare it to God, well... we cannot help but have faith!


K :princess:

Anna Nelson @annarose ·

I really appreciated this blog. Many people I know have been going through this sort of thing, and I think I will send this blog to them in hopes it will lighten some of their worries. I agree with everything you said, it is so true. Wonderful, wonderful blog!

And what a wonderful God we have... :)


Shirley Calhoun @startingover ·

I read this blog earlier...and it wasn't until Anna commented on it that I realized I had missed the whole message...meaning I was filled with so much doubt that it wasn't until Anna said "it will lighten some of their worries"...that I read it again and realized that it was a blog just for me...I have been feeling like one of those scared Isrealites running away from Goliath instead of seeing him as a gnat...

Thank you that was a wonderful blog for such a time as this.

Earlier...I was just so impressed with you believing in His word was infallible... I just loved cancels out all those "new" words which some churches have gotten into...ignoring the very last words of the bible..."if someone adds one thing to this word...or takes one thing away...Let him be accursed"... I think people thinking you can change anything in the Word are in error. Love in Christ Shirley

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