An urgent call for all prayer warriors

Through communication with various committed Christians all over this country, it is very plain that the enemy is attempting to squeeze the very life out of those trying to stand on God's Word. Predominantly through financial pressure along with physical issues; one faithful believer after another is being blindsided as well as hit head on by situations which have caused many to stagger.

Just within my communication network, there are four people either in the hospital or recovering at home from major physical attacks. There are another four who are extremely sick and unable to function normally. I know of three people fighting battles with sick and dying parents. I cannot count the number of people fighting for their very lives financially as they seek to starve off bankruptcy, foreclosure or both.

In some respects I ask "what is going here", but I know the answer. We have an enemy who thinks he can win. We have an enemy who is currently trying to play his "trump card" by afflicting and pressuring as many committed believers as he can into a state of confusion, fear or spiritual inactivity. We have an enemy whose agents in high places are tearing apart the foundation of a once truly great country. We have an enemy who is currently more committed than many he is attacking.

If ever there was a need for the community of committed Christians (CCC) to rally together and stand united in prayer, it is now. We must set aside our own needs and strive to do what Ephesians 6:18 tells us to do:

"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints-"

This verse means exactly what it says. We are to always pray. How can we do that? The only way to always pray is to pray in the Spirit. Not only are we to pray in the Spirit, but we are to make supplication in the Spirit. I could tell you what I believe this means, but it would just touch off another round of unneeded controversy.

Regardless of what you believe this exhortation is speaking about, the important thing is to DO IT. The hour we live in dictates that we discipline ourselves to make the time to consciously pray and make supplication for the needs of the saints. This is not an optional activity. This is something which must be done if we are to make any headway in repelling the enemy and his attackers.

The verse above also said we are to be "watchful" which means there must be something out there trying to keep us from carrying out this verse. That something is the enemy. He and his agents are constantly throwing up distractions and diversions to prevent and hinder God's committed ones from praying as earnestly and faithfully as they should. We must be watchful and ever on the alert to not fall prey to being preoccupied with other matters and thus not have the time and mental clarity to really pray with focused energy.

We are also urged to pray with all "perseverance" for all the saints. We absolutely cannot let our brothers and sisters down by getting lazy or allowing the enemy to so beat us down that we quit. We must tighten our armor and withstand the fiery darts thrown our way and stand fast in prayer for those under siege by the enemy. Those who have been overrun by enemy agents and are engaged in hand to hand combat with them need our fervent and faithful prayers to aid in the dispatch of angels to aid and assist.

Many of us are tired and wanting a vacation somewhere. We have eternity to enjoy the greatest vacation ever known. Now is the time for those who are truly committed to our Lord to muster the strength to become the greatest prayer warriors ever known. We need to daily set aside ample time to pray for the needs of the saints. Pray for those you know and for those you have never met. Pray for the lifting of financial pressure and the ability to handle physical and emotional stress.

Our brothers and sisters all around the world are engaged in battles which demand our committed prayer response. Armed with the assurance that the Spirit intercedes on behalf of the saints, we lift them up to our Father and with great faith place them into the care of our mighty God. That is all any of us can do in these crucial times.

Please, regardless of your personal state, if you consider yourself a prayer warrior, make a renewed commitment to fight for those who are being relentlessly attacked. If God has called you to pray, then by all means rededicate yourself to Ephesians 6:18. If you are simply one who prays, then seek to pray more diligently and more fervently than ever before. I cannot stress to you the urgent need millions of God's faithful have for greater prayer cover.

I know some of you reading this are mighty men and women of incredible faith whose prayers can move mountains. To you I highly exhort and beseech you to head to your prayer closet and "stand in the gap" for God's people who are being afflicted. To those of you suffering under the unbearable pressure of financial ruin or physical calamity-get down on your knees and pray for the needs of others. Remember what turned Job's captivity was when he prayed for his friends.

We are not praying so much for victory, for it was won in Christ 2,000 years ago. We are praying for God's people to have strength and maintain their faith no matter what befalls them. We are praying for angels to surround the called and that they engage the enemy on their behalf. True intercession is the need and we are the people God needs to do it, NOW.

 Kirk M
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K Reynolds

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man (my addition: or woman) availeth much. James 5:16b

We simply must pray for our brothers and sisters both known and unknown. I've often prayed for God to intervene on behalf of the person in the world who needs my prayers at the moment. I have no idea who I'm praying for but God knows!

In the movie Fireproof they talk about never leaving your partner behind meaning your spouse. I believe we need to take that a step further and be determined never to leave our partners (brothers and sisters in Christ) behind.

As someone who has literally been carried upon the prayers of others I do not want to be remiss in doing likewise.

Thank you for sharing this blog, B2Y!

K :princess: