Are we passive, pathetic or passionate Christians?

How many hurt people does it take before we care enough to help?   How many devastated lives does it take before we reach out a helping hand?  How many confused and conflicted people that they seek to end their lives does it take before we get are moved to get involved?

Living the Christian faith is not rocket science.  The living Christian faith is not so difficult to understand that it takes a million hours studying ancient texts to figure out.  Becoming all God called us to be and doing all God exhorts us to do simply takes the willingness to get up, get moving and get involved with other people’s lives.

The difference between passion and passive is two letters.  Whereas passion denotes intense or overpowering emotion or enthusiasm, passive means to NOT participate and not be moved to action.  Needless to say, God’s will is that we be passionate regarding our faith and not merely spectators.

Far too many Christians prefer to sit on the sidelines and watch as others reach out to those in need.  The world’s mantra of not wanting to get involved has spread like a cancer within the Body of Christ.  It is SO easy to sit back and let others do whatever it takes to help, assist, encourage, comfort and build up those whose lives have been devastated by life’s storms. 

Whether due to laziness, distraction or lack of desire; the apathetic response by most Christians to those in need is pathetic (completely inadequate so as to be laughable or contemptible).  Throwing a few quarters in the offering plate or donating a couple of cans of outdated food to a food drive are not the passionate response Christ’s love demands.

Compassion is to feel sympathy for the suffering of others, including the desire to help.  When the bowels of compassion become hardened and unresponsive, people’s needs go unmet and their hearts many times become hurt and hardened toward the Christians who talk about love but rarely manifest it.  Compassion sees a need and seeks to help supply it.  Passiveness is the pathetic response rooted in a cold and dead faith. 

We are surrounded by multitudes of people who are fighting to hang on physically, emotionally, financially and in their relationships with family, friends and God.  Many of these people carry signs which say “HELP ME” yet just as in the case of Jesus’ parable about the “good Samaritan”, the religious folk refuse to get involved and leave it to others to provide help for those in need.

God cries out for His people to rise up and reach out to those who are desperately in need of what we have in our hearts in Christ, which is LOVE.  God’s heart breaks when He sees one Christian after another refuse to get involved due to apathy, fear or pride.  I pray that each one of us strives to reignite the fire of passion so that we can fulfill the ministry of compassion that reflects the true heart of our Christian faith through the love of God in manifestation.

As always, Blessings 2 You!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

This is an area which I think all of us need to constantly be striving to do better in. Of course we still need people to give financially for we cannot do all things or go everywhere. We need to support the people who can do what we can't and go where we cannot go. That is a given. At the same time, you are right. It is not a substitute and something happens when we invest our time as well as our resources.


K :princess:


The truths in this blog made for sad reading. We don't get involved as we ought to. We cross to the other side of the road, keep our head down and pass on by. We have no interest in helping if it means using time, energy or money.

Though when I say "we" I am so aware that there are those in even this blogging community who do take the time, effort and energy to reach out to others. Sadly though there are not enough out there.

This blog ought to be posted in every church notice board. We need to read it.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Matthew 25 Parable of the sheep and goats jumped out at me and hit me in the face - timely blog - thanks.


Billy Beard @billyb ·

I fear I fit in the 'pathetic' more often than desired.

I enjoyed your blog brother. Thanks. And God bless. billy

Daniel Evers @danevers ·

The least we can do is to help those who God puts in our path and ask nothing in return except to pay it forward.

Beth M @blest ·

My Honey lived what he preached.

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