Are you a heart donor?

Honestly, did Almighty God put us on this planet to devote 99% of our energy and efforts to being a slave to this world? Was the purpose of God that humans should devote ONE hour per week to worshipping Him while willingly giving the other 167 hours to selfish and/or worldly causes?

There are many Christians who believe their reason for being is to make tons of money so they can live in the lap of luxury and retire on a nice golf course. As appealing as this may sound to some, there is no evidence in the Bible that would indicate this to be the will of God. There are many admonitions to not get ensnared in the affairs of this life, but what is the justification for "selling out" to the world in order to glean its riches?

From the time God placed man in the Garden, his purpose was to give Praise to God, work and love. Nothing much has changed from God's perspective. Our purpose even now is to praise God both through worship and living our lives in such a way as to glorify Him. Our purpose in life is not to please ourselves but Him who has called us with a holy calling.

People wrestle with these issues every day. Millions of dollars are spent daily on therapy and drugs as people try to understand who they are and why they are here. Couple this with total ignorance of why things happen as they do and you have people who are pretty much lost in a maze with no way out.

Many Christians get caught up in "causes" and forget what our faith is really all about. When too much energy and effort is devoted to lifestyle issues, it turns our faith into a religion similar to what the Pharisees preached. Christianity is not a religion but rather our very life.

However important lifestyle issues are, they do not represent the reason we are here. As Christians we are not here to demonstrate, participate in riots or commit crimes in the name of God. Where do you see of that in the First Century Church? The early Christians were persecuted for their fanatical passion to the faith of Jesus Christ and not political issues.

I have a bumper sticker on the refrigerator which states that I am a heart donor in that I gave my heart to God. The reality of our faith lies in our willingness to give God our heart and not a few minutes of our time. The truth of who we are in Christ and what we are here to do is found in our loving service to Him instead of devoting our lives to ourselves.

Anyone who makes the leap from reluctantly giving God one hour per week to freely giving Him their very heart has tapped into what our Christian faith is all about. Are you a heart donor? If not, I pray you will.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I want to be a heart donor. Not just today but every day!


K :princess:

Dorothy Von Lehe @revgenlink ·

Amen! Give God your whole heart. Love Him and live for Him. Nothing and no one can give and add purpose to life like God can. Praise the Lord! Bless God in all you do! Thanks for this blog!


Another great message, B2y! We are slaves only to those things which master us. And, we cannot serve two masters. Basic bible facts from our Lord. Yes, most people have to work in order to make some money. We must provide for ourselves through the opportunities which God gives us every day. However, we are expected to serve God first, above all this.

Without judging, I would guess that many on "Wall Street" will not be on the "streets of gold" in heaven above! And neither will those who lust after the god of possessions, or rally to defend "mother earth." Rather than these, let us stand up for "God in heaven!" Thanks for sharing, God bless...


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