Avoiding "extreme" Christianity

Within the Christian community there are two extremes which I think hurt God's people and give them a warped conception of our faith. One extreme beats the drum of positive thinking and advocates the belief that there is never any reason for bad things to happen in this life. The Christian life, according to those who promote this extreme belief, should consist of great material abundance, perpetual happiness and constant perfection in body, soul and spirit.

The other extreme is advocated by those who adamantly hold to the belief that every Christian should spend every moment of their life crawling around on their belly in dust. Life, according to those who promote this extreme belief, consists of NO material possessions, perpetual sorrow and constant physical and emotional pain.

Somewhere in between these two extremes lies the truth. When Jesus gave His life for our sins and when God raised Him from the dead, the age old battle between God and His adversary the devil ended in victory for Almighty God spiritually . But, until the day comes in the future when the devil is cast into hell and can never again torment God's people, there remains the residue of Adam's sin manifested in imperfect minds and bodies.

One of the most devilish concepts promoted by a few extreme radicals within Christianity is the insane notion that the reason for getting saved is to GET material wealth and perfection in body, soul and spirit IN THIS LIFE. We do not get saved to GET anything. We get saved BECAUSE of who we were and what Christ did to redeem us from the hopelessness of eternal death.

"Magic wand Christianity" (the belief that our faith is a magic wand to wave and receive anything we want) is both deceptive and destructive. Just as God is NOT some great heavenly vending machine, so Christ is NOT a magician who can make money trees grow or make us "feel good" every day.

The belief that Christianity demands carrying daily the weight of all the sin in the world and spending every day feeling like the worst excuse for a person who ever drew breath is horribly wrong. Jesus took upon Himself all the sins of this world and paid the price for them once and forever. Those who advocate the Christian life is to be full of nothing good are just as wrong as those who promote the opposite.

Until Christ returns or we depart this life, there are going to be times of great joy and terrible sorrow, great abundance and horrible poverty, times when our physical bodies allow us to feel good and times when our imperfect body breaks down and pain becomes our daily companion. There are going to be times of sweet fellowship and utter isolation.

There are bound to be times of great extremes in our lives which we cannot control. But, our Christian faith allows us to endure and/or enjoy whatever life brings us. Selah.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Because of Christ, regardless of our circumstances, we have LIFE, and we have it more abundantly!


K :princess:


Appreciate what you shared here, dear Brother. He died so we could have life! Glory! God Bless you richly! Dave

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

thank you always for the encouragement that your blogs bring to me daily. be blessed

Kara Funkhouser @smilingdaffodils ·

Thank you for your words of inspiration. This is a very interesting, yet true insight about many of us.

Shirley Hooper @mumbly ·

Wonderful blog, b2y. Thank you.

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