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Here are some pretty worthless things I have been thinking about. Perhaps I should keep them to myself, but what fun is that? I share these things with the prayer that they either somehow bring a smile to your face or produce a response that says “yea, I thought of that too”. At any rate here it goes.

  1. The picture on this blog is of the kind of ergonomic keyboard I use. I was thinking this morning how most people would HATE this keyboard but how much I LOVE it. To each their own I guess.
  2. We are already one week into my favorite month of the year. Yes, I love October and always have. Some of the most life altering events in my life have taken place in October-both good and bad. Perhaps I love October so much due to the abrupt change in the weather. Summer's heat is finally broken and we get to enjoy a few crisp mornings but no really bad cold.
  3. I was reading about the unique astronomical event happening tomorrow night (in the Northern Hemisphere) where the almost new moon will be more or less surrounded by 3 planets in the lower western sky directly after sunset. Saturn and Mercury will be near the sliver of the moon and off to the south will be Venus which is nearing the brightest it will be for some time. At any rate, I got to thinking about the “bright and morning star” which of course is Venus. What does it mean when the bright and morning star is the even brighter EVENING star? Just wondering...
  4. I refuse to apologize for being a “Big Bang Theory” fan. Of course I do not believe in the actual theory, and hate the show's song, but I love the comedy and have enjoyed many moments of great happiness watching that silly show. My wife is a HUGE fan of Neil Diamond and in last Thursday's episode two of the characters were singing along to a few of his hits. Not only were the characters having a great time, I was so blessed to see my wife also having a wonderful time. Isn't that the reason for watching a television comedy-to get a few laughs and have a good time?
  5. I have been reading and thinking a lot about the book of Job recently. There are so very many things in that book that are not brought up anywhere else in the Bible. Many people never really read Job due to its lengthy discourses and seemingly irrelevancy to their lives. Perhaps it takes personal sickness, loss, pain or rejection to fully appreciate why God made sure Job, Psalms and Proverbs sit squarely in the middle of the Bible.

Well, there is my very first “Notes and Asides” blog. If you have read this and are left scratching your head wondering “what is the point”, all I have to say is-good. Sometimes we need to take a break from being so serious and spend a little time just “chilling out”. I pray your October is going well, that the bright and evening star shines brightly in your life, you get some comic relief somewhere and spend some time in the awesome Book of Job.

As always, Blessings 2 You!


So my elder daughter is a female Sheldon, maybe that is why we watch the show. I love blogs that make me smile, this one did just that.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I must confess I have never watched the show, though that is not saying much as I have never watched most shows over the past six or seven years. :mrgreen:
Though Nix and I have been watching the British show "Wild At Heart" on Netflix lately (Nix likes to watch lions and jaguars because he is convinced he is one of the "big cats" even though he only weighs about six pounds).

October... we could get frost by next week and on October 31, 1991, "The Perfect Storm" in the Northeast stalled out weather over the Midwest bringing us 28.4 inches of snow. :eek:

[quote]Sometimes we need to take a break from being so serious and spend a little time just “chilling out”. [/quote]

I agree that is a very good idea which is why I am heading out this afternoon on this fine October day to pick apples from a friend's orchard. Yummy!


K :princess:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

Thank you. Told a friend last week, I'm not a scholar or "person of superior intell"" I make things plain and keep it simple. always worked for me. be blessed

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