Blessings 2 You!

Three times in three months three years ago, I faced medical situations that could have easily spelled the end of this earthly life for me. Three times in three months three years ago, the faithful prayers offered on my behalf coupled with God’s mercy spared me from excess pain and an early death. Three times in three months three years ago, my very existence depended upon the prayers of many people here at Christian Blog.

2009 was indeed a year I will never forget. Not only was I spared three times in three months from the jaws of death, my dearest friend on this site was spared from what could have and should have been certain death due to a brain aneurism. 2009 also marked the one and only time many of us on this site gathered to celebrate communion.

As incredible as the miracles mentioned above were, what I remember most about 2009 was a series of trips I made to visit and minister to some on this site as well as a visit here to the B2Y ranch by two of my closest friends I met on this site. Without question, the year 2009 was one of the most interesting years of my life and to a large degree it was the friendships I made on this site which made it so.

Although many people scold me for not being a member of any church, in my heart I know that my “church” is Christian Blog. Although there are no worship services here, this site helps strengthen my relationship with God and allows me to worship Him more and more. Although this site does not gather together physically, the “cyber fellowship” it provides is a blessing and source of inspiration to both myself and my wife Blest.

Over the years I have been blasted as being arrogant, aloof, selfish, mean spirited, a promoter of devilish doctrines and only interested in promoting my own agenda. For reasons unknown to me, many people have left this site due to what I write about, do or don’t do here. Despite my attempt to be a blessing to people, to some I have been and remain the antichrist or false prophet.

I have chosen to ignore those who falsely accuse me of things I never did and focus on those God has blessed through what I write. I have chosen to not allow the fiery darts thrown at me by those intent on hurting me to bring me down. I have chosen instead to keep writing, praying for and seeking to bless those God allows me to minister to.

For those of you have chosen to be my friends, I wanted to thank you for all your prayers over the years as well as the joy of friendship and fellowship in the spirit we enjoy. Thank you for not allowing the enemy to drive a wedge between our hearts. I thank God for everyone reading this and I pray that in all ways I am allowed to remain a Blessing 2 You.

 Kirk M
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K Reynolds

I will never forget 2009 here at CB either. I remember how you came so close to losing your life and how people at this site lifted you up in prayer even though, at that time, you'd never met any of them face to face. There was no opportunity to exchange personal contact information back then.

I remember that communion service as well as I was one of the participants. John posted the transcript of that service on the website for awhile so that people who had been unable to attend were able to go back and read it. We had people from around the world there and in some cases, although we couldn't "hear" or "see" them, family members joined us as well. Actually, I printed out the transcript of that service prior to it being removed from public view. I've read it a few times since then and still marvel at the way God brings His people together, even in cyberspace.

I joined this site a couple of months before you did but even so, it is very, very difficult to imagine CB without B2Y. While you have posted more blogs than anyone else on this site, most people are completely unaware of the extent of your faithful prayers and support of this site. Suffice it to say that you have truly been a blessing to me and I know others who would agree.


K :princess:

Linda Young

B2Y, I remember 2009 well, too. Between you and K :princess: we were all in prayer. Glad you're still with us.


Sandy Brooks

I remember 2009 as well B2Y. It was not a good year for me either and I was one of many those at CB was holding up in prayer. Once again this year many here are holding me up in prayer as i prepare to do battle with cancer.

I believe I have at least read every blog you have written and for the life of me I can not understand how anyone could have been offended by any one of them.
Maybe they just had a problem with the fact that you don't attend a specific "church". You and I know "church" is where one worships and fellowships and reaches out with God and Gods' people. For us that is right here at CB, in our home, in friends homes, any place we are helping others or where ever God leads.
AS far as I'm concerned anyone who doesn't see that doesn't really see what "church" really is and I would be inclined to ask them -"where was Jesus "church"? I tell you this ; it was not in some ornate building He visited a few times a week.

Big Hugs

Alison Stewart

Oops! I went to recommend your blog and nearly reported you for a policy violation!

I too am blessed to be part of the body of Christ in this place. When we move forward with honesty and integrity there are always those who find such an attitude far too great to bear. Thank you for being you; for your obedience in the path God has chosen for you. I thank God that not one of us needs to walk the path alone and that when walking becomes difficult, there are those among us who can carry us along.


Billy Beard

I consider you both a friend and a brother in Christ. Because I love you as those, it would be an even greater blessing to know that you are a member of a local church out yonder where you live too.

Thank you for your presence here, and your faithfullness to this site, and to our Lord Jesus Christ. Billy.

Joanne Douglas

blessings2you, I have found great fellowship here at cb, with you and others that I must tear myself away each morning to get to work when I could hang here all day. I sometimes imagine what it would be like for all of us to meet, of course we will one day and it will be glorious. I love and pray for all my cb brothers and sisters jd

Maria Abigail Guevarra

Despite my attempt to be a blessing to people, to some I have been and remain the antichrist or false prophet.

Why oh why? This couldn't be true.
But if indeed it is so... what a blessing to know you've chosen to continue in Christ, thus, continuing in being a blessing to us!

Reading your writings is a hobby that blesses me so much (every time i come to CB).
You are, to me, the C.S. Lewis in CB.

:princess: Abbie