Blogging during the "dog days of August"

I asked myself recently: self, why do you keep writing blogs even though they obviously do not resonate with too many people? The answer was, as it has been for nearly eight years; because I write blogs for the greater Christian community as well as the Christian Blog community. For the thousandth time, this seemed to calm down the concern arising within myself.

A very good baseball player only gets a hit, one out of every three times he comes up to bat. A very good basketball player only scores 50% of the time. A very good soccer player only scores once a game. I know of no one who hits a home run, scores a touchdown or makes a goal EVERY TIME they touch the ball. Sometimes it takes repeated attempts to get everything just right so as to successfully do what it takes to succeed in any endeavor; including writing blogs.

I have written a lot of blogs. If I went back and read each one again, quite a few would be immediately deleted, many would fall in the category of being OK and perhaps one third would be REALLY GOOD. Should I wait and only write a blog when it is going to be really good or write a blog and do the best I can and let the chips fall where they may? It is my opinion and my suggestion to others over the years to do the latter. I advocate writing whenever it seems like the right thing to do, whenever there is something burning on our hearts we want to share or just because we want to do it.

I have known many people who waited for all the pieces to come together before writing a blog. The sun and moon had to be in proper alignment and the particular day had to be exactly right in order for the person to write what they deemed to be the “perfect” blog. Unfortunately, those who read that blog do not know it is the “perfect” blog and many times fail to comment on it. This in turn hurts the author and their blogging career ends with one blog under their belt. This is so sad when it happens, for I believe God loses a voice when a person quits before they begin.

Of the 750 or so really good blogs I have written, I can think of only a handful where the comments left on it represented others believing it was a really good blog. I can think of hundreds of these blogs with one or maybe two comments. I guess excellence is in the eye of the beholder. I have recently written some blogs that I put at the top of my list as far as quality goes. Very few, if any of them, have been read and even fewer have any comments to speak of. Should I take this personally and quit blogging? That is exactly what the enemy wants. If I believe if God works in me to write a blog, it is HIs job to give the increase and not mine.

I write mainly for the joy of writing and to have my thoughts and research permanently stored on the internet for anyone searching for what I write about. This is why I adamantly support the ministry of Christian Blog. I have quite a vested interest in this site for it houses all my blogs. How big of deal is this? A lot of people have looked at these blogs over the years by way of Google searches etc. We no longer keep track of the exact figure, but I would imagine that my blogs have been viewed by well over 3 million folks over the years. That to me is a huge deal and makes it all worth it.

July and August are miserable months for charities as a whole and Christian Blog is no exception. People are just too busy to read and comment on blogs. They are wrapping up summer projects, taking vacations and getting ready for the new school year. It is grossly unfair to look at how slow things are now as justification to quit blogging or cease supporting Christian Blog. If history is any indication, September begins a new year when as people have time to sit back and read blogs.

I guess I wrote this blog with the hope that those who are teetering on the brink of quitting blogging stop and look at the time of year it is and how hard it is to capture people's attention for ANYTHING. My advice for any of us committed to sharing our thoughts by way of blogs is to hang in there and ride out this storm while waiting for the new and glorious days of September and October. In my case, I pray these days are MUCH better than they were last year!