Breaking free from the rut of routine

The older we get, the less we like change. When we are young and impetuous, we enjoy new and exciting things and the challenges associated with them. But, as we grow older we become set in our ways, we tend to settle into routines that demand less and less work or mental agility. Sometimes it is a good thing to break free from routine and either by choice or necessity do things that are new, different or even wild. Yes, the idea of trying or doing something radically different from what we are used to is scary at times and a nuisance at other times; but it can be fun, exciting and break us out of ruts we have settled into.

With all the changes going on here at CB, it is easy to be intimidated, upset or bewildered. In the big scope of things though, these changes are minor and in some ways cosmetic in nature. What counts is that we, who love to blog and read blogs, have a place to do so that is safe, easy to use and free from badgering, constant arguments and challenges (in a bad way) to our faith. In these regards, I am quite sure nothing has changed around here, for I know that John would never do anything to make Christian Blog a negative experience. For that we should all be thankful.

Each one of us should at times do something different or challenging just to keep ourselves sharp and on our toes. When the daily routine becomes so set in stone that it can be done with our eyes closed and without much mental effort; there is a great need to break up that routine and enjoy the excitement of learning or doing something new. In my experience, there are few things in life more fulfilling and edifying than meeting new friends, doing new things to bless people or most importantly; seeing something new in God's Word.

I have recently resumed writing more technical oriented blogs complete with Greek words etc. This is a very time consuming thing to do for I must double and triple check what I write for accuracy, but I love the challenge of putting together a teaching that demands thought instead of just throwing some words on a page. Don't get me wrong, there are many times when just opening up our hearts and sharing what is within is needed and the right thing to do at that time; but there are also times when we need to “work the Word of God” and demand that our mind aggressively engage in what is written instead of just passively reading it.

To me, there are few things in life more thrilling than to spread all my research books out on a table and study (research) a topic, chapter, verse or even a word. I absolutely love word studies for they many times lead to a beautiful pot of gold at the end of the study. My blog Sunday was like that for me when I reworked the word “nikao” from 1 John. I have researched and taught that study many times in my life but not for a number of years. Spending time ferreting out the nuggets of truth found in tracing that word through some of John's writings was exciting to me and put me in an excellent spiritual frame of mind all day.

I feel sorry for those whose lives are a mundane existence. Those who miss out on the challenges of living our faith miss out on many of God's blessings. If I would not have taken the leap of faith and spent a year as a missionary in these United States in 1971-72, my entire life would have turned out differently, and not for the good. Taking that year directly after graduating from high school to spend the bulk of my time witnessing to others and learning to allow God to be my sufficiency laid the foundation for the rest of my spiritual life. Did it take guts to go against my parents wishes, not going to college and leaving home at 18 years old? Of course it did. But, the benefits made it all worthwhile.

In some ways these are times when we need to hunker down and hold on for dear life as the world around us disintegrates into a mess of fear, violence and greed. But in other ways, these are times we should dare to get out of the boat and walk on the water to Jesus. These are times to put our faith on the line and “prove God herewith” as it says in Malachi. Change can indeed be good if our motive is pure and our heart's desire is to serve God better and love His people more.

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

We cannot continue to take the same pathway [in many areas of our lives], because as Christians we must be open to being receptive to "change" when it (as your wrote)... "can indeed be good if our motive is pure and our heart's desire is to serve God better and love His people more."

I love the image with your blog; its speaks so well of the poignancy of your theme. It reminds me too of the wonderful poem entitled "THE ROAD NOT TAKEN" by Robert Frost with an ending verse that reads:

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Great blog of encouragement, Kirk!

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

Well, if you say so Kirk. I do not like change but will live with it if I must.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

See, I like adventure... :princess:

Seriously, I know exactly what you mean. I wish that I would have been more of a risk-taker. The good news is, I can still be someone who dares to trust God and take that road less traveled that Barbra spoke of. I love that poem.


K :princess:


Yes I agree !

You know that old saying ,use it or lose it ?

Well our minds are greater than the computer system and can do great things more than we can imagine ,and we need to exercise our mind and give it new challenges all the time !

I love a good challenge and always enjoy looking up words in the word one word if it would take me all day or perhaps two days or until I would squeeze out every little ounce of meaning of that word to the fullness .

Be forever blessed

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